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Hi Everyone I am a newbie

Just a bit about me. I am 61 and have been smoking since 19. I have to give up as have now got COPD but am finding it sooo hard. I have tried virtually everything even e-cigs and don't know where to turn now. I need some encouragement and support please. The trouble is part of me loves it but the sensible part knows I have to stop now before my lung problems get any worse. I know I am killing myself but think there are emotional reasons why I smoke which I have never been able to get to the bottom of.

I am being positive joining your community and hope to hear others stories and what helped them and maybe one day help others to quit.

Nice to meet you all. x

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hi there coughalot its really hard to give up if youve been smoking a lot time ! im over weight and its really.hard so cut down ! have you tried accupuncture or accupressure both are really good its just finding someone that is

really. good at either ! take care david x


Hiya coughalot and welcome to quit support :)

You're looking for encouragement and support so this is definitely the right place to come. It's not easy but it CAN be done and we will give you lots of help. I wonder have you read Alan Carrs stop smoking as this addresses the emotional side, it comes in PDF format and you can download for free. Definitely worth a read I think. You need a quit plan and I'm sure someone will be along to help you with it. The ecig helped me along with the great support on here which makes a huge difference to staying quit :) :) x

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Hi there coughalot and welcome to quit support. We have a great bunch of members here at various stages of our own quit journey who and always there to lend an ear if you need to vent, to help pick you up if you fall.

Have a read under the topics on the right hand side of the page as there is a wealth of information to help you along the way, I feel that know what to expect certainly helps. Like Briar said, have a read of Alllen Carr's bool, Armed with good tools and a good plan you can do this :) :)

For me, it was getting my head in the right place. I had smoked for 40 years and not once tried to quit as i didn't think i could do it, When i made the decision to quit, I knew i needed to have an inner strength that would be strong enough to overcome the challenges thrown my way. From day 1 i never let any negative thoughts surface, the minute the started i would tell myself i can and will do this :) and i am stronger the craving and urges.

I have just celebrated 7 months cold turkey and use the NOPE mantra,,,Not One Puff Ever,,,,I cant go wrong :D :D :) :)

Good luck on your journey and just sing out if you need any help as there is normally someone about as well as someone who has been through the same thing :) :)


Hi coughalot and welcome to this great community and site.... I never would have achieved 10 months without them :)

For me, I gave up coz I had high cholesterol and was going into hospital for an op and wanted to give myself every chance of waking up again after.... :O :P

I am off to Vietnam on my hols next week and giving up smoking has practically paid for it.... It aint easy and there will be days when you want to go and kick the cat.... but you have COPD, you are only 61 and you know that giving up is the right thing to do, for your health, your purse and eventually your sanity (you will stop kicking the cat and kick yourself for not giving up....)

We will give you all the support we can and the ladies have already given you some great advice re a plan and Alan Carrs book....

Stay strong and keep focused we are all behind you hun :) -x-


Have got Allen Carr's book but not read it yet Bev x


It's great to read the posts thank you all for replying. I have to stop and need all the support I can get. I am finally going to quit the habit here and feel good vibes already. You all sound a very friendly bunch and I am looking forward to getting to know you all. Please God let me stop before I kill myself with it. xx


Hey! Welcome to your support system! I'm quite new to this group even tho these guys are actually my new little family, I am now nearly 3 months quit and like you never thought I could do it, I came on this site on my 2nd or 3rd day I think and I really couldn't have got through to this stage without them, just keep focused on why you are quitting it sounds like your main reason is your health which is actually the most important reason to quit, I break it up into bits and visualise myself carrying on smoking and what that will do to me and my body and how sick and I'll i will become if I smoke those fags, then I think about the cost ad then the smell and so on until I pretty much realise that I really do not want to smoke anymore and I certainly do not want to be really ill for the rest of my life, hope this helps a bit, I found reading everyone's personal stories and tips really helpful, you are going to have good and bad days and that is what we all help each other with and boy does it make a difference!! Wishing you good luck and good health now you are quit and on a road to a better life xx


Hi coughalot

glad you have come to this page , people on here are so helpful and have really helped me

I found listening to a quitting cd really helpful also drinking water and lozenges

really good luck to you I know you can do it

please stay positive , we are on your side

love liz x


Thanks very much Liz that is very kind of you. Bev x



Breath in three deep breaths, wait a minute and repeat until you are through it.

Learn your triggers

All cravings pass and watch your clock as you think its a lot longer that it really is.

NTAP never take another puff


Hi thanks for your reply gautama5 the trouble is I have given up before for short times and the cravings just don't go and I end up feeling really twitchy. The 'get up and do something' bit doesn't work or the counting to 10 or having a glass of water etc. I just twitch and twitch until I give in. Bev x


Hey Bev that twitch of yours, put it to good use and when you start twitching turn on some music and practice your new form of dancing.... not only will you not have a ciggie but it will help keep the weight off... :P :D :D

Listen I don't have to tell you that having a cig doesn't actually improve how you are feeling... if anything it makes you feel worse..... so go and do something else, I cant remember who it was (may have been Lilly) who took up crotchet or knitting.... all her friends and family got scarves for Christmas :D

Take up a new hobby coz the current one is killing you slowly hun....!!!


I am also 60 and smoked same amount of time as you. I too was Dx with COPD last year.

I became so sick with dyspnea, resulted in,self induced quit...... Beleeeeeve u me ,I tried a gazillion times...

Your body is telling u it's time.. You can do it.. You are still young and have time to stop the progression of the disease....... talk to ur PC or nurse for some assistance w quitting

best of luck



Congratulations Dee on your 7 month quit, well done :) :) x


Well done for giving up Dee that is great. The trouble is I know all the smoke aids and have used practically all of them. I am thinking e-cig as quite a few friends have given up with those. Bev x


Hi Coughalot, Welcome to the site.

Its so difficult to stop especially when there are emotional reasons but I'm sure you know it doesn't really help solve any thing.

I've always used ciggies as a crutch as soon as I have any upset or problems - which I seem to have my fair share of.

This time I'm really trying to break that association of cigs being my friend when I'm down.

The first few weeks are the worst but it gets easier and if I'm feeling weak I come on here and read the posts. I keep repeating the NOPE mantra in my mind when I'm tempted to buy a packet.

I don't know how bad your COPD is but please please don't let it get any worse.

Wishing you the best of luck with your quit




Thanks Kas - that is exactly what I do as soon as I am upset or stressed I reach for a ciggie - it's very common isn't it? Bev x


Yes Bev It's certainly the case for me. I think when I'm depressed I just don't care about myself and think sod it I'll have a ciggie - totally stupid I know.



Goodness all this encouraging advice, I am feeling quite overwhelmed. My lung function a year ago was 66% which puts me just in the moderate bracket but I know I am only going to go downhill unless I stop. I am on a copd site and there are so many on there who are severe or even end stage on oxygen etc. it is shocking. I don't mind dying if it was quick but the thing is it isn't is it? It's just a long drawn out painful death ending up gasping for breath after years of suffering. The thought of it...

I am due my copd review soon and want to be well on my way by then. Maybe they will take me more seriously if I help myself as much as possible. I think I will be living on here :O

Thanks Bev x


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