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Hi there everyone!

Hi there everyone, so sorry I havnt been around, I've been really stressfully busy at work and have myself a new puppy called Millie who is absolutely gorgeous but only 6 months old, trying to read and catch up with u all and read all the newbies stories, miss coming on here soon much so going to put by some time especially for me to chat to you all, I'm still 100% smoke free nope, still on my eciggie but down to 16mgs, not sure how long now because I can't remember my quit date lol so not sure if that's a good or bad sign. Love to all my friends on here xxx

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Hi Sharon 😘

Not been on much myself lately covering sickness at work now I'm sick 😷

I was just thinking about you today spookily coz not seen you on for ages

Great news about your new puppy Millie ( such a pretty name) 🐶

Keep up the good work, down to 16mgs that's great :-)


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Congrats on that lovely 3 month badge Sharon, well done to you 😀

Very happy to hear that you've given Millie a lovely forever home, sure you'll both be very happy 😀

It's great to hear you're doing so well, keep up the good work🏆 x

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Hi briar and shanti, missed you both, hope you get well soon shanti, lots of bugs still buzzing around, doesn't help we are probably a bit run down from too much work lol! At least we have the spring to look forward to, I bought myself a couple of pot plants for my garden today and felt really excited about the sunshine on its way, makes all the difference to our mood doesn't it, speak soon my lovelies xx


hi Sharon, Good to see you and hear that your are still doing well :) :)

That is great that you have a little pooch Mollie and i am sure she will bring you many years of happiness :) :) You are doing so very well considering all the stress you have been under and loving how you are buying yourself a few things :) :)

Keep up the great work xx

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Hi ya Sharon, its great to see you gal :) :) and am dead proud of you for staying quit with the very stressful times at work :) :)


Soooo, now your a mummy again :o :D :D Millie sounds lovely :) and although I have never met you, I know you will give her all your love and kindness and a wonderful home :) :)

Sharon I've got your quit date down as 10/11/2014 sooooo, I will a be yomping around them there fields after a new Winners badge for you very shortly :) :)

Take care now and I hope to see ya soon :) xx


Hi Sharon, we all seem to be so busy lately. I'm barely on here now which is such a shame. I think part of my trouble is winter blues, I'm shutting myself away but not for long now as spring is on it's way :) have fun with the new pup :D (I'm really jealous!!!) xx


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