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Hi everyone

Hey everyone ! Im on my second day smoke free and im starting to become very short of breath at times .. im on this e-cig v aping thing that gives me nicotine but i plan on quitting that to .. im just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them ? I smoked 2 packs a day for the last 7 years. .and im also coughing alot of black tar like stuff up ..this is my first time attempting to quit and hopefully the only attempt ...anyways i was just wondering if anyone else had this happen to them ... i have panic attacks that cause shortness of breath .. but this isnt that .. i think

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Keep going it's important ! I am on my 9 day and I know how difficult it is ! If you can don't use e cig they are full of chemicals maybe patches ? All the best ! You made right decision! Dee

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Hi protek and a big warm welcome to quit support.

Congratulations on quitting smoking as this is the best possible thing that you can do for your health.

the coughing up is a good sign :) :) it is all part of the body getting rid of the crapp off your lungs :) :)

Short of breath is another common symptom of quitting smoking. What i can tell you is all the symptoms that we go through as our body readjusts to not have the nicotine and 4000 other nasty chemicals don't last long at all.

Try seeing as a positive :) :)

I quit after 40 years and had never tried quitting before as I didn't think i could do it. These first weeks can get a bit tough, but i promise you, it so worth it :) :)

If you do have any health concerns, please see your GP as this will put you more at ease :) :)

We have a great quit family here with many members who will support and encourage you along your quit journey


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Hiya protek and welcome to quit support😊

Sob is very often a side effect when quitting. I think we get anxious as well because we worry about how we're going to cope with smoking. There's a great post about coughing up what's not supposed to be there, if you browse through hints and tips on the right hand side, you'll see it. Our bodies can throw different side effects at us initially but it will all settle down. Look at in a positive way that your body is starting to heal and remember NOPE not one puff ever👍😊x

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Hi Protek

This is your bodies way of showing approval as you stop filling your lungs with 4000 horrible chemicals.

It is a very common side effect to feel your body is falling apart, funny if you think that if you hadn't actually stopped you probably wouldn't be worrying about this.

If you are worried about your health , then you are focussing on your breathing and analysing every cough and bit of phlegm ( excuse me). This is anxiety taking over and no doubt making it worse.

Try to work through it, think everyday you don't smoke, your lungs are getting better and better. You should be able to start catching your breath.

Again we don't worry about that when we are smoking or just chained 2 in a row and walk up stairs.

Try to relax and don't over analyse the wonderful thing your body is doing now- repairing itself.


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This is my second day of not smoking. I feel a bit down but I don't know if it is the smoking or the fact that I have a GP appointment tomorrow. I had to have a chest x-ray last week and perhaps I am a bit worried that it might be too late!!! I have been trying to give up for the last 12 months but I feel this time I might just do it! Anyway, I am hoping that tomorrow the news will not be as bad as I fear.

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Hiya Barbara, sometimes we get a bit down at the start of our quit and obviously you're worried about tomorrow. It may not be as bad as you fear and you have done the right thing by quitting. Always remember it's NEVER too late to quit. You will have lots of help from the lovely friendly people on here to help you get through it. You can do it and we're here to help. Sending good vibes your way😊x


Hi ya Barbara, its lovely to meet you and a big warm welcome to you :) and an even BIGGER well done to you for making that vital decision to quit :) :)

Barbara, your on your second day of your quit journey, sooo very early yet :o and you say your feeling down, well, quite a few of our members got sort of flu symptoms when they first quit, so you may be having this as well, we nick-named it the quitters flu :D :D Ok, you have a GP appointment tomorrow and perhaps your a bit worried about that, but no matter what happens and what they say, quitting the smokes helps you alllllll ways :) :)

I'm just about to repost a breathing exercise for Protek, that calms a busy mind down, maybe have a try at it, practice it, it may just help you :) :)

See's ya soon :) Pete :)

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Thanks everyone ! :) ... its amazing how much of a mental boost this is having people i dont even know help me threw these first few days i didn't think it would be much help at all but i started reading the responses and suddenly felt.relief :)


Hi ya Protek, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support family :) and a massive well done to you for reaching day 2 of your quit journey :) :)

I see you've had loads of great support already from some of our lovely members :) :) I cant really better it, your breathlessness and and the coughing up phlegm is pretty normal in the early stages of your quit, but please spit the phlegm out into a bit of kitchen roll or something, get rid of it :) I found, in my early days that exercise helped me, cos it got rid of all that flippin phlegm within a couple of days :)

As for your panic attacks, this is quite common too, BUT, if you are in any doubt, just nip and see you doc eh :) Ermmm, we have a breathing exercise that may help you with that, cos its designed to slow a busy mind down before you go to bed, but it just might help you if you get a panic attack eh :) I will find it and repost it for you :)

Protek, you hold your head up high and be proud of yourself :) maybe go and treat yourself to something nice :) cos you deserve it :)

PS, is your quit date 31/5/15 cos then I can add you to the Wall of Winners and assign your Winners badges when needed :)

Thanking you :) Pete :)


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