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Hi Everyone :)

After many months of reading about your amazing quit stories I have decided to join the band of merry men. My name is Eileen (my friends call me Eye, it’s a Liverpool thing!) and I work with Emjay and Jarvo at the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

This forum is getting really busy and I am going to attempt to be Emjays Wingman and give her a hand.

I am well impressed by how knowledgeable you all are and I hope you will give me the benefit of your wisdom and wit. I love reading your daily posts and seeing how the Wall of Winners grows. Without sounding like a stalker, I feel as if I know most of you quite well, so time for me to step out of the dark and join the gang.

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HELLO ! Eye,

Its lovely to meet you. So glad your helping Emjay and Jarvo they seem really busy, despite what Pete says about Emjay nodding off. :D

I am sure you will be getting some comments from the rest of the gang. especially Pete :D

I hope you understand our sense of humour , we`re really bonkers at times. see you soon. xx



Hi jillygirl, thank you for your lovely welcome. One of the nice things about this forum is the sense of humour and they say laughter is the best medicine :D


Hello Eye, It's lovely to meet you :) It's great that your joining the crazy gang, you'll get loads of laughs here :)

See you soon :) xx


Hi Eye, and welcome aboard. :) Emjay's new wingman, eh?


Are you as active as Emjay or have you got a pain in the neck too? :o :D :D

We always like people with a sense of humour.

Speak again soon, Andi :)


Hello Eye, its nice to meet you. Hi Jilly, hope your family are well today. And hello to two new quitters, good luck to you, I don't envy you being at the beginning of your quit. What I mean is I'm struggling enough being in the middle of a quit, I wouldn't like to even imagine starting all over again :( Just been out this afternoon to get some more 4mg lozenges. Tried just using 2mg for the last few days but I'm just having one after another. I don't honestly think I will ever get off the dam things, I give up even trying. Gonna drag myself out on my bike now because it is a lovely sunny evening, if it wasn't for hubby nagging I would just sit here and feel sorry for myself. :( Just can't be bothered with anything at the moment.


Hi Sue, Andi and sinfree. Thanks for the welcome. Love the Wingman pic, yep, that's me!


Oh dear, gremlins, a whole chunk of post didnt appear!

Enjoy your bike ride sinfree , a great way to lift your spirits, stick at it, you will get there.

Have a lovely evening everyone


Aup Eye, its lovely to meet you gal :) :) I wish you a big warm welcome to this erm, lovely, mad site :o cos between me and you Eye, there's a couple of old birds on here that are rite potty :o :| but dont tell jillygirl, Andi, Sue or Sinfree, that I said that will you !!

Its always lovely to see a new face on here, so ave got you a little pressie I hope it fits :)


I hope to speak soon Eye, Pete :)


Hi Pete,

very kind of you to get me a present, it fits perfectly and I have it on now :)

Bit of an old bird myself.....birds of a feather and all that!

Have a lovely day.



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