Hi Everyone!

Ive been reading through everyone's posts which have been very hopeful so thought Id better introduce myself.

I have been smoking for roughly 8 years (only 23 :(), been wanting to quit for ages but finally started the mission about 3 weeks ago- I had done ok but was still smoking when out drinking or around people who smoke. However, I am now on day 2 completely smoke free and plan to stay that way, as Johnathon says "NOPE." Using NRT so havent had any nasty nic cravings yet but the mental cravings are constantly nagging at me!!

Well done to all you guys who have defeated the nasty addiction! :)

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  • Hi Salamah, welcome to our on-line stop smoking community :-)

    It doesn't matter what age you are, a smoker is a smoker. The addiction is still the same and depending on your mind set, will determine how you are going to get through it.

    Congratulations on making one of the best decisions of your life, the rewards are countless. You have made it through your 2nd day almost, tomorrow being your 3rd will then bring you half way through your first week as a non-smoker :D :D

    As long as you know how to deal with the cravings and acknowledge that they are there, then as each one passes, you will become stronger :-)

    Make sure you are using your NRT in the correct way. Are you buying them yourself or are you attending your local stop smoking service and getting them for free? (Or for the cost of a prescription?) Also, by receiving extra support and help, you are 4 times more likely to still be stopped at 4 weeks, so don't shy away from accepting all the help and support you can get :-)

    You'll meet lots of other members on here who are willing to share their stories and advice. They are all a great bunch of people and a laugh is often had along the way too :-)

    Welcome aboard, I look forward to getting to know you :D

  • Hi EmJay,

    Ive joined the 12 week quit smoking program with my local pharmacy, using the 16hr patches every day. And I have the mist and inhalator but only using these a couple times during the day if I really need too.

    I cant wait to get to a whole week and I can treat myself with the money Ive saved :)

  • Hi again Salamah :)

    It sounds as though you have got a good plan to quit this time :) I too am on the 16 hour patches, I'm on step 2 patch, hey dont you go telling Emjay, cos I should have got off the step 2 patch by now :o but just dont have the confidence yet :(

    I dont know whether you have used these patches before, but they do leave a mark, and maybe make you itch :o but that only lasts a few days, then your body gets used to them :)

    I know myself that the first week is the hardest, soooooooo you flippin treat yourself, and enjoyyyyyyyyy :)

    Speak soon Salamah and good luck on your road to freedom :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Haha my lips are sealed. I think im going onto step 2 this week, im worried about coming off them as well, lack of nic makes me a but crazyyy :)

    Woop on day 3 :) im finding that as long as I get to 3pm without buying any then im sorted for the rest of the day :)

    How long have you been quit now Pete?


  • Hi Salamah,

    Just want add my welcome. Congratulations on joining the quit journey.

    Sally... :)

  • Hi Salamah and welcome to our mad community. Hopefully you've got through your 3rd day now and you'll be up to a week in no time at all. Well done, just tell yourself that you don't do that any more. I think the worst times will be when alcohol is involved so it may be best to not drink at all for a while until you get more confident with your quit - lots more money saved as well - win, win! :)

    Come and join in with the daily chat - have a laugh and a rant - whatever you like. Look forward to seeing you again soon, Andi. :)

  • Hi Cleopatra and andi22,

    Yep nearly at the end of day 3....but it isn't going to end without a test! I am going out for dinner/drinks with friends who smoke, I can't avoid it as my friend is moving away so just going to have to chew on my inhalator all night!

    I think I may be mad enough to join you guys, found myself only texting in song lyrics early simply because I wanted a fag...


  • Hi Salamah wishing you well on your journey to freedom. While you are out tonight ill bet your friends will be wishing they had your determination to quit !

  • Hi Salamah wishing you well on your journey to freedom. While you are out tonight ill bet your friends will be wishing they had your determination to quit !

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