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Tobacconists Anonymous. I fondly remember the local tobacconists: wooden barrels smelling of musky joy, a continuous flame for lighting, even the wooden indian. It's now a clothing store, but with a brass plaque engraved with the Ode to Tobacco. So much mystical ritual and nostalgia surrounds tobacco, and yet the you're sitting in a hospital waiting room those woody reminiscences pale as you wonder: have I got cancer? I've over the hump tonight, and no longer gagging for a fag, but it's tough. I know it is for you. Create a rich, invigorating coffee; paint a model archer for your next D&D campaign; knit your dog bootees; plait your hair like a viking; pray. Whatever gets you though. People scoff at self help groups: "My name's Steve and I'm an alcoholic," but sharing your thoughts and feelings online can help tremendously in the battle against addiction. Blog those blues away. Happy smoke-free weekend , guys!

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..and don't worry about the grammar when you've had a few.


Never joined a forum in my life until this one.... so utterly glad I did😊

Cheers to being smoke free stu🍻


I'm going to be watching Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2..... I'm a sucker for Marvel films and Chris Pratt I could watch alllllll night ❤️❤️❤️

Have a great evening xxx

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Ummmm ritual. Good word. A lot wrapped in ritual....a sense of belonging to a group that do the same as you. Taking a Rizla out of the green packet, add that tiny squishy white filter and hold in place with thumb and forefinger. Add a pinch of tobacco and ease along the length of paper so it's evenly distributed. Do that clever rolly thing with thumb and forefinger until you end up with the finished product. That you're going to put it in your mouth and set fire to it whilst inhaling the byproduct...smoke. Sounds absolutely bonkers now but when you break the ritual down I guess it's the predictability of the outcome that's soothing. You know what you're gonna get. I feel that part of quitting is dealing with life's uncertainties without this little prop; this mad ritual. But the truth is, you're stronger than you know so give yourself a chance to discover just how resourceful you are. Here endeth Sundays lesson!! Have a peaceful smoke free day, much love Poll x


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