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Stop starting

Hi all

I quit for five months using champix and then had terrible side effects when I finished the tablets. I felt so depressed I thought it was because of not smoking so stupidly I took to smoking again for about a week. I really regretted it and I'm now on patches but i just carnt stop having one of a morning I feel like I need to have one to make me feel better but of course I don't.

I just want to get back to where I was five months ago with no nicotine in my body so I'm thinking of just getting rid of the 10 m patch

Any help appreciated as I new on here x

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Welcome to quit support Clarebell, First of all I would suggest you dont get rid of the patch straight away. I think perhaps you came of the champix without a back up. If its just first thing in a morning then perhaps the e.cig could help you. There are lots of different products on the market, however the E.cig seems to be the most popular. Our lovely Karen has just put a post on about Vaping which is worth a look at. If you go into the pinned posts there is a lot of information on there to help you get back on track. Take your time and plan your quit. See where and what you can change from previous attempts.

I am sure you will get lots of good advice, from our lovely members.

Let us know what you decide and we can then help and support you to being back to a non smoker. :) xx

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hi Jillygirl Thank you for the reply I will look into the vape. I really loved the feeling of freedom I felt while on the champix I rarely thought about ciggerettes.

I will keep going with the patch and hopefully because I haven't smoked too many I shouldn't be on them long. Xx


If you are down from whatever you were smoking before, to one in the morning, then CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It's a hell of a lot easier to go from 1 to 0, than 20 to 0. So, don't beat yourself up. You are a work in progress.

I quit by what I like to call "brute force", but it took a while to get there. I quit for one day, but it was sooooo hard, I had to have one. Over 4 months I smoked 1, then 2, then it creeped up to 3, and when I got to 4 I thought, all I'm doing is prolonging this agony.

You'll get there. When you are tired of the agony, you'll soldier through it. It does get better, but you have to give it time.

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Hi Tamian

Thank you for the reply I have been beating myself up but your right about the agony thing the more I have one the worse I feel I've just got to get back to where I was when I was on champix but with the patch instead now

I think I thought I could just have one now and then but we just cannot.

Thanks again for the support x

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HI I am doing it like this. I started off on patches and in inhaler (the little white one from the doctor). However after the 1st week I was craving really badly still and getting so stressed I allowed myself my 3 key cigarettes a day. No more and this was enough.

Then after a few weeks I cut them all out except for the first one in the morning. That was ok. Now I have not had any at all for around 5 days and am fine with it.

Take it as slowly as you need to keep yourself on an even keel as sometimes the slower you do it the more able you are to cope with it.

We are all different and I am a stresshead and emotional smoker, so this is working for me.

Because I am doing it so slowly I am not suffering any agony coz I know if I was I would go straight back to smoking! x


Congrats Lilaclil! We all have our own process. Slow is not a bad way to go if that works for you. You are 5 days closer to being free!!!! Soldier on!

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Thanks Tamian. Slow is a very good way for me as I cannot deal with stress. x

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