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Stop smoking and lose weight

As some of you may know I have quit smoking for 6days now and I told you about how better and more positive I feel, well I'm also doing weight management at the same time which is harder and more challenging but I get weighed every week and in the first week of giving up smoking I have lost 2lbs my Bmi has gone down by 0.4 and my body fat by 0.8% I wanted to let you know that these don't define you but you define them it's just a hurdle you jump over! And for my first week I feel fantastic!

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BIG well done to you Leigh, I bet you feel much fitter. keep it up. By the way I have given you your badge a day early, but you deserve it. :) :)


Well done Leigh. You are doing really great. Keep up the good work. :D xxx


Aup Leigh and a big warm welcome to this lovely quit forum :) and a massive big well done to you for getting to a week now :) :)

You sound as though you have it all sorted and with the weight management too :) Good luck to you, but please keep focused and positive on your quit eh :)

Erm, may I ask if your quit date is Sunday 9th November :o so then I can be ready with your next Winners badge :) also, are you using any form of nicotine replacement therapy ?

Thank you and please keep posting :)

Pete :)


Yes Pete Sunday the 9th of November I did it all cold turkey without nothing, I locked myself in a room with quite smoking my last fag and was thinking to myself emotionally why I do it if I don't like doing it and from them on I gave up


Oh well done, 2 stressfull challenges at the same time.

x erme


Hi there Ermintrude :) what a lovely name :) :) and a massive big welcome to this lovely community :) :)

I see your a member of the British Lung Foundation :) just wandering if you smoke or have you quit :o

Plusssss, I know you young Ladies can multitask tooooo ;) :D :D

My names Pete by the way :o xx


Hi Pete, just Thursday had results of ct scan, yes I have still been smoking but have bought an e-cig and someone recommended a nasal spray which I have also bought. Getting my head around it and read up on it so set my day to quit for 19th, Wednesday. So wish me luck, I am 65 and have smoked since I was 18 so I know it won't be easy, but then life never is, ho hum onwards and upwards eh Pete. Wish me luck. Thanks for your response, will keep you posted how it goes.

x erme (wendy)


Aup Erme ( Wendy) and thank you for getting back to me :) :)

Rite, e-cigs :o I use an e-cig myself, one of the vape types that you put liquid into and very good it is too :)

What I did was practice with it for a few days to get used to it and to make it my new friend :o cos thats what we think fags are :o Say, have a fag, then the next time I felt the urge I had a few vapes of the e-cig :) and so on for a day or so, then I would have a fag and the next 2 times I got the urge, I would use the e-cig :) so it wasnt such a big step to take when I actually quit :) :)

I'm sorry but I've never used the nasal spray :o hmmm, not sure why not, cos av used about all the other NRT products going :D :D

I use the lozenges cos we are not allowed to use the e-cigs at work and they seem to work fine with me :) BUT, we are all different and we use different ways to help us :)

Thats enough of that eh :o sooooo, Wednesday's your quit date :) have you made a quit plan ? do you know when your hardest times are going to be ? have you told your family and friends your quitting on that day ? have you planned any exercise ? cos I tell you, it does help :) even a brisk walk :)

Please let me know if you would like some help before your quit date and we will help you :) :)

Loads a good luck vibes heading your way for Wednesday Wendy :) :)

Pete :) xx


Thanks Pete, Yes I have a plan, I have read up on all the posts and made a list of what everyone found helped them, so if one doesn't

work for me I will try the next on list. I do breath easy group twice a week, and while I have e-cig and nasal spray I have also bought patches for when I am in places you can't use e-cig. I will start using your technique of one fag and the next e-cig to help me cut down.

Thanks again Pete and you will hear me scream from Bristol when I struggle and need support, which I know this site is good for.




You're a true inspiration to all who wanted to quit the traditional cigarette smoking. Keep inspiring a lot of people and good luck on your one big goal.


Thanks Leighleigh👍🏻

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This is day 5 for me. And i find cooking a lot takes my mind off smoking. Ive also been eating healthy and spending a lot of time working out my meals. But i gove myself a treat of a glasss of wine each night which i did beforehand anyway. But now i really deserve it. I feel unbelievable.


Hey Taniela😊

Awesome quit you have going there👍🏻 I was so sick the first month I quit and I went cold turkey as well lol Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones and breeze through the first month💃🏿 but if not, don't despair! We're here for ya every step of the way!

Best wishes from western Canada 🌺🌻🌸🌼🌹🌷☀️


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