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My final stop

After many many many many tries at stopping smoking I am finally on the track of a final stop. On the 1 October 2014 I joined the non-smoking crew and I haven't had one ciggarette from that date, before everyone bombards me with congratulatory compliments on this massive achievement, I can not take all the credit for this magical turnaround it has been accomplished by the aid of champix (I completed the 12 weeks in December so now been champix free for 2 months) and the continual support from Mike and Liz and my Fagends meetings ever Friday, the support and advice of which have been invaluable to my stop smoking journey, when my nicotine starved sneaky brain was trying to make me smoke they were there to keep me on track and keep my goal and the path clear in my head. So now nearly at the end of 5 months smoke free I feel good I'm not complacent as I know that in the upcoming months there are a few situations I haven't yet done some free so there are going to be some mind triggers to work threw, summer barbecues, birthdays, holidays etc. I am so glad to be smoke free and when I start to romance that ciggie and think of all the good times I always go back to that image the one when I am standing outside freezing smoking stinking not enjoying that cig one bit but my addiction to nicotine made me do that and I never want to have that feeling again.

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Thank you for the inspiring Post. It encourages others and you have proved it helps with a bit of support. Well done. :)


A big warm welcome to our quit support forum Xsmokey and a great big well done to you on your fantastic achievement :) I hope your very proud of yourself :)

Yes, I know what you mean about support, cos I never got any from home :( but have had loads of support from the lovely members on here :) :)

Stay focused and strong now and you will soon be 6 months quit :) Good luck :)

Pete :)


Conratulations Xsmoky on your 5 months quit, well done :)

Yes we all need a bit of support to get through our quits and that's why this forum is so brilliant. It's helped me and thousands of others to quit and stay quit. Thanks for sharing your story and wishing you continued success :) :) x


Welcome to Xsmoky and congratulations on your 5 months quit.

Thank yo so much for sharing your story as will inspire others :) :)\

Having a support network really is important in a successfully quitting and like briar said, this forum has been so successful in providing that medium for people to get that support. :) :) knows i will be eternally grateful for it.

Keep up the great quit :) :)


Thank you guys for all the nice replies .... I do I feel really proud of my acheivement and I know going forward should I ever have any doubts I know I have the support of all the other fab ex-smokers on this great forum. Thank You.


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