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Stop Smoking In Two Hours


Jason Vale's stop smoking in two hours iOS app is currently free on the iOS App Store. I'm sure it was one you had to pay for previously. Might be another resource worth checking out. I'm listening to it now...

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I can't wait til I get a months badge lol 🙈


Thanks Andrew for sharing that and please let us know what ya think of it😊


Thanks Andrew 😊 Nope I can't wait to see your one month badge either ........ Just make sure monky wears pants when he goes to get it coz it's definitely unseasonably warm at the moment 😱😊😊

monkyAdministrator in reply to droopyJ

LMAO :P :P :D :D :D

Loves ya really :)


Thanks Andrew...we are all looking forward to see that 1 month badge against your name. You are doing fantastic..and love how your welcome all the new members :) :)


Nice one Andrew :) had a quick look at it and it sounds similar to Alan Carr, soooo should be ok, cos his books have helped a lot of our members :) :)

As for your 1 month Winner badge, ermmmm, we aint got any see :o cos we do weekly Winners badges up to 2 months now :) Hmmmm, perhaps I could sort a little number out for you though eh :o :D :D mind you, you got to be good :) :)

Andrew-S in reply to monky

Thanks Monky I would be devastated to still be weekly when I could be monthly! And I did have to be known internationally as NEWLYQUIT for 7 days and then just after everyone got 1DAYWINNER 2DAYWINNER and I thought well I never got that! So I think I should have a 1MONTHWINNER badge. thanks! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🍭😁🍦🍰🎂🙈🍟

Andrew-S in reply to Andrew-S

It's just a thought.... But have you considered animation for the new one month badge design? Lmao 😃

Umm ok so I listened to the app last night. The main part is split into two recordings mainly because it has been copied from CD's and then there is a hypnosis or relaxation session at the end. He says you need to listen to it all in one go and ideally before you go to bed.

It is a very similar approach to Allen Carr easy way. I'm not sure why he has never been sued but then again maybe we can all release a book and get rich...

I found the Allen Carr book more memorable not sure if that is because I was still smoking when I read it. Or maybe it is better to read the information rather than passively listen.

At the end the hypnosis part was quite good, it is funny at first as this music comes on and he noticeably changes his voice to be more soothing but it sounds a bit spooky. It said don't worry if you fall asleep in this section because ur subconscious brain will still hear what I'm saying.

I did fall asleep. I don't know what was said after that but I had a dream that I was in a massive fire and no one would get out because they thought it was another test or false alarm and I was shouting get out get out there's a |~<>€?| fire!

(It's no wonder I'm tired all day)

So I thought it was ok, not as good as Allen Carr, I thought he was a bit annoying in places, sounds like a bit of a know it all. Or tried to be amusing at times and I was just thinking oh just get on with it I've got sleeping to do!

But very nice of him to make the app free, he's obviously put a lot into it. I would say you could listen to it if you were still a smoker or some time given up. Worth two hours of your time.

You are supposed to wake up the following day a non smoker. Since I woke up I've been trying to figure out if I feel any different. Not sure yet but it definitely hasn't turned me back into a smoker.

droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to Andrew-S

Lol Andrew , that was a bit of a frantic old dream you had there 🙁😱

But glad to see your not worse off for listening to it😊👍🚭🚭🚭🚭

Andrew-S in reply to droopyJ

I know it's funny the things u dream normally I can't remember them. Interesting tho about escaping from something that would kill u and trying to persuade other people to come with you.


Well it's now past lunchtime. I haven't had any cravings or used any nrt so far today. I've thought about it and am aware that I made sure I know where it is in case but haven't felt like using it. Weird normally I would have had a couple of chewing gums by now.

Jason vale described the nicotine terrorist rather than Allen carrs nicotine monster. And we don't negotiate with terrorists.

Umm. 🍷🍷🍷🍸

droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to Andrew-S

Lmao.... Does that mean you negotiate with monsters then 😃😃😱😱😱

When I used patches sometimes I forgot to put them on! It sounds like you are in a good place at the moment, long may it continue 😊😊👍👍👹🤖

Andrew-S in reply to droopyJ

Yeah I suppose u fought with a monster. I am finding it useful to think when I get a craving no Ur a nicotine terrorist and we don't negotiate with terrorists. It helps.

Just been to the smoking nurse weekly appointment and all is well 🍾🍾🍾

droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to Andrew-S

Whatever works for you hun 😊😊

Glad you had a good session with the nurse😊🚭🚭

Andrew-S in reply to Andrew-S

Have had a chewing gum now... 🍺🍺🍺

I've just downloaded this app, not listened to it yet. Do I have to listen to it for 2 hours EVERY day? And for how many days?

Many thanks 😊

Andrew-S in reply to Fernella

Hi. I can't remember tbh this was 18 months ago. I think it was split into sections. I didn't stay with this app for long.

You can also try reading the Alan Carr book. Easy way to give up smoking. That was more memorably useful to me 😀

Ahh, okay , thanks. Guess I'll find out as I go along 😊👍👍

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