29 days

Hi all hope you are all well and N.O.P.E ing well done to you all makes such a difference to know we are not alone .

I was just having a chat with my granddaughter who really cannot believe that I am a non smoker now.

We are trying to decide what sounds the best 29 days or 4 weeks tomorrow , so happy and really cannot believe it myself .

Good luck to you all and thank you for being there xx

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  • Well done Karen, This is the 3rd post I have read which has brought a smile to my face. Its so good to hear you are doing so well. Bet your granddaughter is proud of you. 28 days, 4 weeks, 1 month they all sound good to me. Challenge your granddaughter and ask her to convert it into days or even hours. ( I will leave the maths to you). :D :D

    Once again well done. :) xxxx

  • Well done Karen x ☺

  • Congratulations Karen! However you count it, the hardest part is over. Now it's a case of being vigilant and not allowing Mr Nic back into your life. Stay strong.

  • Well done!.

    Must be a great feeling when your children and Grandchildren are so proud of you❤️.

    It's a huge achievement, here's to your next 4 weeks Karen 🎉🎉💐

  • Well done Karen xxxx

  • Congrats, Karen. I am also at 29 days, we deserve a treat! Well done!

  • Well done MABS,

    Where I live the main shops are on a hill and difficult to walk up,

    I had a fantastic treat 2 weeks ago I walked up that hill withought 1 single stop , before I kicked mr Nic I would have had to stop at least 3 times , amazing how after only 2 weeks in what you can achieve , xxx

  • It is amazing, I had forgotten what feeling good felt like!

  • Yeahh !! We are doing excellent Karen and our families are very proud of such an important desition .What a great feeling 😌

  • Thank you all so much for your comments of support , Looks like together we can do this.

    Well done and congratulations to you all too xx

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