3 days until my official quit date! But not smoked since Friday :)

Well my quit date is fast approaching, and it seems to have taken ages to get here lol. I originally planned the 1st of Feb as I had enough cigarettes in my cupboard to last me ( at 20 a day ) 30 days which landed on the 1st. However since taking up the ecig, my real smoking had dropped to 3-5 a day, so instead of having only 60 smokes left in my cupboard, i have 160!!! and then on friday i thought i would just try, but with no real pressure or stress, just to see how long i could last, and I havent really been that chatty about it, but i havent actually had a real smoke since last thursday night :)

.Still keeping my quit date the 1st though, so if i do have one, its no big issue. But i am secretly amazed, and to be honest i think without this site i would have had a couple. What i have done is some real prep this time. I have bought myself a cute pink ecig and wrapped it up as a present for myself on the 1st...( my current practice ecig is a bit industrial looking lol :( ) I have taken everyones advice on here, well apart from the "throwing my dishes out the window" Monky lol!!!, and changed a few habits that have broken or at least distracted me from my usual smoking routine. Also when i have felt the urge to have one i have come on line and read through the old posts, or commented etc, and by the time i have finished usually an hour or so has passed and i no longer have that niggling urge :)...so thank you, you gorgeous lot, i feel you have given me a head start on my path, now i just have to bide my time until Saturday then i can give Emjay my official quit date, and i can become a true member of the club :) :)


Love Al x

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  • Al you are already a true member on here. and you will do it no prob come the 1st. :) :)

  • Aww thank you Jilly :)

  • Al, you are a true member anyway :D

    You have followed the best route which includes planning and preparation - These are key to success and will most certainly help you.

    I put up a post a while ago about two parts to stopping smoking - but can't seem to find it just now. Basically, there are two parts to achieving a long term quit;

    1. Stopping smoking

    2. Staying stopped

    ... and can only be done one at a time and in that order. So if you bear that in mind you're still onto a winner ;-)

    I've also just found an old post that you might find useful;


    You're doing really well Missus :D

    Keep on, keeping on :-)

  • Thanks Emjay, and that was a really useful read. I am actually looking forward to stopping. My friend once said to me, " if i offered to give you £10 a day not to roll in cow poop and not to inject yourself with a tiny amount of cancer would you do it?" to which I answered " of course!"....and then she said well basically give yourself £10 a day and stop smelling like an ashtray and playing russian roulette with your health! Kind of hit home, the incentive is still being around long enough to see my grand kids ( if Zac ever gets his act together lol ) and i intend to physically get £10 out of the bank every day ( thinking of walking the dogs up to the cash point every night after dinner when i think is my "vunerable" point of the day and put it in a Jar, so give myself that £10 i would have wasted on smokes.

    Thanks for all the support so far, just need to knuckle down and get it done now :)


  • You will nail it! You've already shown you are determined!

  • Awww thanks, I have really prepared this time after taking the advice on the site, which i have never done in the past, and also reading everyones experiences has really made me feel supported, that on shaky weak days that someone somewhere actually cares. My partner is a none smoker, so he doesnt understand that it isnt as easy as simple as just not putting a cigarette in your mouth. lol.


  • I just KNEW you'd be smoke free before the 1st : ) HOW good are you !! WELL done flower, keep up the good work.

  • Yay, well done you. I also stopped having 4 new packs of cigarettes in the cupboard. After 3 weeks I gave 3 packs away to a friend and put the 4th in a drawer. Hubby knows it is there and said he would throw it out one day...haven't checked to see if it is still there. My point being that I am strong enough NOT to smoke and that unopened packet is like a trophy (I am on day 72). You can do this, to have shown such strength so far before your official date is fantastic. I am too stubborn to give in now...I promise it does get easier.

  • wow Lawn thanks for replying and well done for 72 days so far. So pleased someone else gets the idea that it is the fact i have chosen not to smoke the ciggies even though they are there, i am still going to have 160 left come saturday so not sure what to do with them, lots of my friends smoke, so might just give them all 20 lol.

    Stay strong hun, and i like the fact you are too stubborn to give in :) x

  • Thank you Pinkiezoom, keep going...you CAN do this, you've started off really strong and any weak moments or thought jump on here! :-)

  • I kept one and a lighter in my kitchen drawer when I quit. It lasted all of 2 days till my neighbour knocked on the door asking if he could borrow a fag till he could get to the shops. It's for the best I gave it away because there have been moments when it would be too tempting. My mother still has her packet and lighter she put aside. That was more than 30 years ago!

  • Wow 30 years! I am just giving mine all away when i go up home next week, mainly because i need the space in my cupboard for all my vape stuff lol! and the Jar where i will be putting my £10 a day in. Cant wait x

  • Ah good for you wen I seen yr post abt yr quit date I thought coz I'd fell off th wagon and got back on I wd also make th 1st feb an also it's the beginning of Chinese New Year so it's a good time anyway good luck keep strong this is a great site n I will be using it as necessary good luck u can always sound off to me on here if u want xx

  • Awwww Rosslyn thanks hun, and yeah we can get through this. Only 1 day left before i am offcially quitting, but i actually havent had a smoke in nearly a week, but i am on my vape so not ideal, but for me getting smoke free is my priority, and then i will wean myself of the nicotine in my liquids, yellowsnowdrop has given me some good advice about it all, so might try and follow how she did it, once i have dealt with being smoke free. x

  • Oh that's good do u fancy sharing it it mite help me aswell god knows I cd do with it x

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