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It's been 7 days that I quit smoking. Im having alot of problems breathing and gasping for air especially after I start coughing. I would be able to walk up stairs no problem. But know find myself gasping for air as soon as I get upstairs..I also feel my chest very tight... is this normal or should I be worried????... I'm starting to freak out now..please please give me hope and advise.....

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Welcome to Quitsupport spankdog.😊

Sorry to hear you are short of breath. Often when we quit smoking we can feel pretty terrible for a while but also conditions can be underlying, it seems that smoking can keep this suppressed sometimes. Anxiety can also play a part too.

I would have a check up with your Doctor , they can answer any medical worries much better than me😊.

Well done for quitting, i know you don't feel great now, but this is the best thing you are doing for yourself. Give your body time to heal, treat yourself with the money you spent on fags. Rest when you can but also get yourself out into the fresh air and exercise, even deep breathing if you don't have the energy yet, Check out the pinned posts (below on phone or to your right on computer)

If you let me know your quit date I can get you a badge sorted and pop you onto the wall of winners.

Let us know how you get on😊😊



I went to the dr. And he gave me a injection of an antibiotic and also I'm talking pills ... I feel so much better... thank you for ur advice.. the day I quit was may 22, 2017.. I'm still having alittle trouble with the couching but my dr. Insured me it will go away in time. Having asthma doesn't help. Is there any type of exercise you would remained to start off slowly with... once again thank you ...God Bless and take care...


So glad you are feeling better😊. Sometimes we need to remember to look after ourselves, so easy to forget when our lives are so busy!

The deep breathing is a good exercise to start with, but anything physical would be walking as you can take this as slowly as you like to begin with. Anything that gets your heart pumping and you breathing a bit faster is great, so when you feel up to it put a faster pace in your step. Walk fast for a minute then slow for a minute, you'll soon be going longer and faster!.

You said you have asthma, I have no real knowledge or expertise of this so please check with your Doctor that this is ok😊.

The gym is another option, I prefer to use the great outdoors though (and it's free😊).

Take care and well done on quitting!!.

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Hiya. I have pretty dodgy asthma (intensive care on life support x 3), but you've just done the best thing that help it. I stopped for many many years, and got far fewer colds and chest infections - and the colds I did get didn't go straight to my chest anymore!

Exercise - walking and if possible swimming. Swimming is great for asthmatics as it helps the lungs and breathing. Yoga too, special exercises to fill your lungs with air, and help get rid of crap from smoking. Do what you feel capable of, any movement is better than none.

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