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Just a bit worried

I'll be striding into week 9 next week : ) but am also lucky enough to be jetting off for some winter Sun.That's the problem, I lost a 4 month quit whilst on holiday & have also lost a quit of 6 weeks also on holiday.Can't afford to blow this one as I'll only have a week at home when we get back and then I have my back surgery.Still using my 6mg NRT but only when I get desperate.HELP, what can I do ? Still VERY determined NOT to give in and have had some stresses and strains in the past 8 weeks and not been tempted just a bit worried.

Hope everyone is O.K. Chuffed to bits about Friezefriends job.



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Hi Ysd, Perhaps your panicking too soon. Dont be afraid of using the nrt whilst on holiday.(better using nrt a bit more than going back to ciggys.) you can always get back on track when you get back home. Just think 3rd time lucky. Sure some of the others will have advice for you. You can do it. :)


Hi Ysd,

Where are you jetting off to then? If it's Spain, they've really tightened up so that might make it a bit easier. I think the key is the alcohol. I know it's nice to be able to let your hair down a bit while on your jollies but maaybe you should just try and hold back a bit on this holiday. You'll feel stronger then for the next one and also the Christmas party season will be upon us before you know it. :)


Excellent advice from the two ladies YSD. You know the NRT works for you so keep to that, the alcohol advice is really good. Remember the importance of not smoking and it's impact on healing post surgery. Make sure everyone you travel with knows you are a NON SMOKER and not to offer you cigarettes.

Also......when you are tempted picture this..,,I am on your left shoulder and Emjay is on your right, if you get tempted just imagine the look we would give you...that one seems to work well with the clients I see in our groups :)

Come on YSD you know you can do it and so do we ;)



Thanks my friends, Eye, I have both you and EmJay perched firmly on each shoulder (!!) Andi, We're off (hubby and I) to a place called Boa Vista one of the Islands of Cape Verde, very few shops so I think once I get past duty free I should be O.K.(hope so anyway)hubby is a non smoker so no worries,about being offered ciggies Will take my ECig Jilly, as you say, better on the Ecig than the real thing.Haven't been drinking much since May this year, just kinda lost the taste for booze so that will help I know.Guess it's a bad attack of first time syndrome (my first hol since the quit) I need my surgery & possibly won't get it if I start smoking again, I just need to remember that.THANK YOU ALL. Xxx


Just been looking it up - that's somewhere different, and not too hot. I'm sure you'll love it and you'll come back refreshed and ready for your op. I've found that when travelling now, I have a great sense of freedom with not having to search out where the sinbins are - if they actually have any - and not having to tot up in my head how many hours I'll have to wait for the next fix. As for there being any delays, well! You get my drift, eh? Look for all the positives and savour them. :)


Aup H :)

I think the Girls have said it all :) but I wish you a lovely smoke free holiday this time :) and you flippin enjoyyyyyy gal, maybe just keep your back opp in the back of your mind, and when you get the urge to light up, then just think how much you want this opp, and the benefits you will get from it :)

You take care now, and speak soon :)


Agree with all the above. Alcohol always lowers your defences and makes you think just one wont hurt even though when you're sober you know it will. It's like Joel Spitzer says in this article


Good luck and have a fabulous holiday

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Hi Snow, Don't worry at all because we are all going to be flying with you you will have Emjay and Eye on each shoulder and all of us in a circle around you. I know you can do this cos you have done so well. This is the chance to prove to yourself that you will not be undermined by the flippin things ever again. I have been drinking and on occassion, too much, but needed to show myself that it wasn't going to get me. Take your E cig with you and you other bits abd pieces in case you hit a wall, just enjoy chilling without guilt. Thanks about the job, I'm loving it so far. Have a fabulous trip. Take care, XXX :)


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