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Had a thought (Dangerous I Know)

Well the sun has finally turned up in the North East, Ha!

This coming Wednesday I'm off to Spain for 4 nights, which set me thinking, at the airport not gasping, during the flight not gasping, get off the flight not gasping and running off before catching the transfer bus to squeeze one in. Life couldn't get better.

Now to find my thong.

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:D :D :D Have a great time, see what you can do when you DONT smoke.


brilliant, apparently I put mine on backwards.

haven't got one really


Jim have a wonderful smoke free break. :-) :-)

Your golg should be much better now as you have reduced your handicap by not smoking :D :D :D

Sue xx


Its a lovely feeling walking past the smokers who are huddled round corners like naughty school children. and you can just stroll pass them. Its like when you had to make a decision do you go queue and get a coffee, or go and have a smoke, but haven't got time for both.

Enjoy every minute of being an EX Smoker.

Have a lovely break. :) xx


Many thanks for your support. Be back on the site on my return.


That made me smile, a knowing one. Have a nice holiday, a non gasping one :)


That's what I wanted, thanks


Hiya Jim, it sounds good to me pal :)

You have a great hols , but you keep focused and positive on your quit eh, cos your doin so so well :) :)

Take care now :) :)


Many thanks, I'm going to concentrate on eating 'Tapas' Hasta pronto.


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