Good morning /evening,

Another sunny day here in Yorkshire, looks like a fresh air day. I see we have some more new members from all around the world now. Please pop on the site and say a quick hello.

It will be interesting to see if we get anymore members tomorrow on no smoking day.

Dont forget stay focused and positive. If you need help just let us know. :) :)

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  • Jillygirl. Where abouts in Yorkshire are you seeing that sun. It deffo aint in Sheffield :-)

  • May be the sun is on its way to you. I am about 1 mile away from Leeds Bradford Airport. (Guiseley). near the original Harry Ramsdens. :)

  • Ahh, from the west :-) Well the skys looking better out there already so should be a nice day now. bits of blue peaking through :-D

  • Enjoy your day. :) :)

  • Good Morning, Good Morning! Yes, I bet you are all wondering who this is :-/ Tis the scarlet pimpernel here :D :D I have been working all over the shop lately and then by the time I get home, have a read through where you are up to, I then fall asleep on the couch and then am woken up to go to bed :-/

    I have been looking in and reading through all the fantastic support and advice that you share between each other - as usual you are an amazing bunch of folks :-)

    I'm aware that there are a fair few award badges that need to be given out, including Helen's 6 months! Congratulations Helen :-) I'll try and work my way through them today. Please don't be shy in letting me know if I owe anybody a great big shout out :-)

    Big waves to all our new members, lovely to have you joining us :-)

    I'm having a day in the office today, so that leaves me plenty of chances to have a cuppa (or two) with you al! :-)

    Right, where shall I start?!

  • Hello all, trying to get my life back on track and in a routine. So by popping on here is the first step. My life is in a real mess as is my head but I have not had a cigarette and even dropped down on my nicotine in my liquid. So that's positive.

    I hope everyone is all well and keeping strong xx

  • Hi Pinkiezoom, Wow your doing so well under the circumstances, even reducing the nic level in your e-cig :-) sending you loads of Healing vibes,

    Onwards and Upwards eh, xx :-)

  • Hi Al miss you loads. stay strong you will get through all this. Big hugs. :) xx

  • Thinking of you Al, I am gal :) hugg hugg xxxxx

  • Here if / when you need us Al, keep smiling - you are a strong person and can rise above anyone's antics xoxox

    Hey mrssunnyside, loving the healing vibes you're sending :-)

    thiett, any signs of sunshine your ways yet? We've had a little bit today, although I've not managed to get out into it, so not sure how warm it is :-/

    JillyGirl, I'll go off and pop up a post about No Smoking Day now :-)

    Kettle on first, I have biccies too ;-)

  • Yummy! did you say biccies. :) :)

  • :D :D :D

  • I didn't get home from work untill 3.30 this flippin morning, it should have been about 11.30 last night :o :( so am kippered now see, so am going to get some shut eye :) I hope you've all had a lovely nights sleep, and for those of you who are starting your quit today, good luck, and just remember this please, you let mr nic in the front door and flippin kick his ass out a that back door :) :)

  • Pete you do tooooooooooo much for your employer. so I for one think you need a reward.


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