Cold Turkey & everyone is still living in our far, it's only been 24hrs!!

Hi everyone, I quit yesterday after my last cigarette at about 5pm, been psyching myself up to it for about 2 weeks. I'm just doing it without fag ends or Lecky ciggies! Lol So how is everybody doing? My hubby & the kids are still that good or bad?? Erm I'm gasping but it only lasts about 10 seconds and I just ride the wave, I'm expecting it to get worse before it gets better! I'm also telling myself that I've just saved about £10...anyway I'm waffling catch ya all later was just really a way of telling ya someone else was suffering and ya weren't alone! ;0)

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  • Hi Jill. That's very brave of you to give up cold turkey. I admire anyone who can do that. I can imagine how you are feeling now. Good luck. It's always good to hear someone else is suffering too ;)

  • Aup Jill :) a big welcome to this lovely helpful quit smoking site :)

    Cold turkey eh, there are a few members who have quit that way, Andi22 did and is now about 11 months quit now :) I think she comes back off her holidays today, so she maybe on site tomorrow if you have any questions :)

    If you want a moan :| then come and moan to us, cos we all do from time to time :)

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • Awww thanks Sinfree, never thought of it as admirable before. I'm just impatient and can't be bothered with all those foul Tasting gadgets!!! Lol life is never easy, I too have given up before, really furious that I started again!!! Thanks for your message, good luck to you too!

  • Cheers Pete! ;0)

  • Another Jill... great!

    I'm into the 3rd day... and it's not that bad if you let your "Mind" believe it. Keep going... it'll be so worth it!

    Gill, xx

  • Hi Gill, yep us Jill's are taking over, although your name is spelt wrong hehe ;0) yep I'm 48 hrs at 5pm! It's not so bad mind over matter, I just ride the cravings like a wave, they only last a few seconds!! Thanks for the message ;0)

  • Hi John, thanks but I doubt I'll be joining smoking clinic's etc. might be good for some people but not myself. I'd rather take my dog for a run....we all need different things definitely. ;0)

  • Congratulations you are all now NON SMOKERS, pat yourself on the back 8 weeks 4 days for me, getting easier every day. xx

  • Awww thanks Nixy, only my 2nd day, so far I've cleaned the house from top to bottom & made a lovely Pan of Braising steak for tea tonight, walked the dog, changed the beds....get the picture??? Hehe I'm determined to keep it up! ;0)

  • Well I had to smile as you sound just like I WAS. Clean and shinning house clean and shining dog (no joke) Luckily it didn't last too long for me. Once the cravings subsided a bit all went back to normal!!!!!! and for me thats not so good. Reading most of the time now, feet up, eating everything in sight, putting on weight at a steady but determined pace.....(will bother about the weight later)

  • Hi Jillanovitch, welcome to our online stop smoking community :-)

    Congratulations on making it through you first 48 hours of being smokefree :D Come 5 O'Clock, you'll be into your 3rd day of quitting already :-)

    A little few things for you to think about are;

    It's safe to say that you no longer have any nicotine in your system now, however it will still take 8-12 weeks for any nicotine receptors in your brain to down regulate. Have a read through the following link just to give you an idea of how these receptors work. I'm sure that if you understand it a bit, it will help make your journey a tad easier;


    I would also recommend that you practice some of our breathing exercises so that you can use them as and when you need to. I'll pop some of them up on the main page for you in a mo, you can also type in the search box 'breathing exercise' there are about 3 separate ones :-)

    See cravings as a positive sign of recovery. Remember that every-time you overcome a craving, the stronger you will become and the easier this stopping smoking game will be for you.

    You are doing ever so well, so stay positive and we'll help you to get to where you want to be :-)

  • Thanks for the message and support EmJay, don't worry about posting breathing excersizes for me, I won't use them. I had also already been on the link to look at the positives of not smoking for various periods of time. If I do need the support I'll ask, bit I'd much rather just read the stories & get through this. I'm sure there are people on here that need the support. I think the support you give is great!

  • Hiya Jillanovitch and welcome. I did it cold turkey too and although I knew I had to keep busy I had the weather against me. I knew that if I ever did it that was the way to go and I wouldn't have to wean myself off any nrt. I did find that I had to sit on my hands when in front of the tv at the beginning - that's when I'd finished stuffing my face with savouries and chocolates after dinner! :o Now nearly 11 months in (can't believe it's that long!) and trying to work hard on getting rid of all those extra pounds. :o :)

    Good luck, Andi :)

  • Hi Andi, well done you!! Yeah I've been busy all day!! It is sitting down that makes you reach for what isn't there!!! I'll be fine I'm thinking of the money I'm saving!!! I'm trying to snack on fat free foods ;0/ Thanks for your message & the support! ;0)

  • I want to know why I'm the complete opposite of most other women who stop smoking. I find it really hard to actually do anything at home since I stopped smoking. I only have to pick a duster up and I immediately get cravings. The thought of trying to turn my house from a total tip into something half respectable just fills me with fear, I know within half an hour I would be gnashing my teeth and cursing and desperately craving a cig. Trouble is what with the dire weather and stuff am getting really bored now and my shoulders are breaking as I am spending so much time just bent over a laptop mindlessly roaming around the internet. Help - any suggestions anyone?

  • Lol Sinfree, that's the point! As soon as I sit to read or trawl the Internet I get a craving. Getting up & doing some housework is a distraction. I'd just go for it remember the craving only lasts about 10 seconds just ride it like a wave.....that's what I do ;0)

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