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Hi all I stopped smoking 1st September 2016 and the sob is getting worse and worse, just completed a pulmonary rehabilitation program, been diagnosed asthma (all my life) plus COPD Dr has changed inhalers to see if that helps - it hasn't - I also have SVT and that also seems worse since quitting, was never a heavy smoker 5-7 a day. I wear an Apple Watch and do on an average of 9000 steps a day, plus normal activity around the household work. Any suggestions from you wonderful folk would be appreciated.

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  • Hi mysenator, Sob. is one of my problems, I find drinking plenty of water helps, and the breathing exercises on here. I have copd. and handicapped with only one lung.

    Sorry cant offer anymore advice. :) xx

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply and advice will have a look at the breathing exercises here also. I did a Buteyko breathing course late last year which also was good in teaching you how to breathe properly. Mainly always thru your nose so I walk around the house saying "shut your mouth, shut your mouth" when I remember, but it does help to breath this way.

  • Hi for someone with COPD and doing 9000 steps a day is really good well done. I too have COPD and find when walking or exercising I get breathless. Witch is normal for someone with COPD. Stopping smoking only slows down the progression. Witch is a good thing. Take care.

  • Thanks nottobad, believe me some days it's a real effort, I also try to do a few exercises with hand weights to try and open up the chest muscles, I won't let it beat me, but sometimes it's just exhausting, but you know that. Anyway take care, and thanks again for responding

  • Hi mysenator have you been referred to pulmanaory rehab I found that really helped. I am doing a follow up course at the moment its called fit for life for people with long term health problems I was referred to it by my physio at the last PR course I did. Its at my local gym. It lasts for 16 weeks one hour a week doing cardio exersices. Plus I do upper body exersices on a wed and Friday at home. Take care x

  • Good morning, yes doing a pr course at the moment have just 3 sessions left of the 16, twice a week, love the course, also carry on with it at home along with weights, intend to carry on with it at our local gym at Never too old. Have a good day, off to pr this morning

  • Hi mysenator, I am sorry to learn that you have COPD as quite a few members here have as well, but have you (or others here) had the Spirometry lung function test? to establish this and diagnose it accurately.

    I get SOB sometimes and at the most weird times (lying in bed for example) but not most of the time. I smoked a pack a day for almost 40 years as well.

  • Yes Chris had one every year since DX in 2006. The last on I had at my last 6 month review with my consultant showed I a was stage 2 moderate. But my symptoms are stage 3 severe. Can't remember what stage I was when first DX with copd.

  • Oh dear I am sorry to hear that Nottobad. What made you think you had COPD to have it tested for in 2006? or was it found by accident.?

  • Thanks Chris there is no need for you to be sorry. I had have always had a bad cough and needed antibiotics and steroids smoking didn't help it. The best thing for someone with COPD is for you to control it not to let it control you. It's not nice what life throws at you but you just have to get on with it. With stopping smoking it will slow down the progression. But it is not curable. So I just get used to being breathless. The inhalers help with that. Xx

  • Thanks Nottobad, but I am still wondering how your COPD was discovered? did you have symptoms that were investigated or just come across it by accident? Did you have lung function tests to decide this diagnosis.


  • Hi Chris I think I was admitted to hospital with a bad chest infection. And dx from there with spirometry test and ct scan. When I was first dx I used to only get exacerbations in Feb and October. And didn't have to use my sebutamol inhaler between them. I also have inhalers to prevent exacerbations. And I used to work as a cleaner but the things I used didn't affect my breathing. Then five years ago I started to get infection after infection was refered to resp consultant and he found that my immune system was low. He referred me to immunologist consultant who I m seeing at the moment she did tests and found that I have vit d dificency. So have been put on tablets for that. Then two years ago I was dx with two autoimmune disorders. And have to take immunesupressants for them so it a vicious circle for me. And one thing my resp consultant told me that no two people with COPD are the same . Hope this helps you. Xx sorry for the late reply I had to go for my usual blood test. For all the different medication I am taking. Xx

  • That's quite a story Nottobad, so thank you for sharing it.

    One more thing if you don't mind, did the Doctors or Nurses examine for low oxygen in your blood with a small device that clips-onto your fingers and measures it that way? I think its called a Pulse Oximeter?

    I had one of these done to measure my blood oxygen before I quit smoking 10 weeks ago, and the Doctor said the reading was fine. I guess this means I do not have COPD?

    I'm such a worry guts sometimes because its taken so long to make any improvement in my health, that I suppose I begin to assume the worst.

  • I have a Oximeter my o2 level is usually between 94 / 96 unless I have an infection it sometimes goes down it can also go down if you excersise. The range doctors look for. For someone with COPD is 88/92. But you can have a high o2 level and still be breathless. But I don't think that has anything to do with dx of COPD. If your o2 level drops below 88. And dose not come up you may be referred for oxygen. I was tested once but found out I didn't need it. I am looked after by the community resp team I just phone them if I have any problems and if my o2 goes under 91 . They are open 24/7 so my care is really good. Xx

  • Hi Chris I used to worry about things too. If you need to talk more PM me. Take care. Xx

  • Thanks Nottobad I may just do that.

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