Hard to breath

After i stop smoking like for 3 yrs i drank many alchohol plus smoking in one nights then when i woke up my voice started to dull or horse voice  then i kinda had a hard time breathing then when i swallow my spit my throat kinda hurts and when i spit it has phlem. Then i drank again and smoke the night after that. I want to know if this is not a serious symptoms of a disease or something. Or is it really like this because i stop smoking for 3 years then smoke again. Is it the reaction of my body because i started to smoke again? Ive stoped two days after that happening but still feeling the symptoms what to do. Im really scared 20 yrs old

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  • Hi amihaber, I would guess you have over done it, and you maybe coming down with something . You are young and wold say the likelihood of it being serious is No. If you are worried and it doesn't clear see GP may have throat infection. Have you decided to quit now, if so it's the best descisio you can make for your health. I wish I had all them years ago. If so stay strong and stay close to this site as lots of great people here to support you. You can do it , you have done it before. Don't be too hard on yourself we have all packed in and started again if we were all honest. As they say your always only one cig away from starting again :( read the pinned posts to your right very helpful.

    Maddy x

  • After a day of sweating my breathing is now easy unlike the days before the only problem now is i cant pitch a high voice but my throat is not soar just a mild horse voice do you think ill go back to normal?

    Abd thanks for the reply really help me a lot :) 

  • I agree maddy

  • Hi amihaber, like Maddy has said  it is probably a throat infection.  I would get it checked out  with your doctor. Smoking again will not have helped you , and my advice is if your only 20 years old , keep off the cigarettes.   You will be a lot healthier in the long term. Plus a lot wealthier.  :) 

    Good luck and take care.  

  • Just like i reply on maddy can i get your opinion too it will be a big help

    Thanks for the concerne people here really help each other unlike other sites love it here :)

  • Hi amihaber and welcome😊

    If I went out drinking tonite and had loads of  alcohol and smoked a lot, then I would expect to wake up with a sore throat, feeling hoarse, coughing and of course, hungover 😟

    You haven't smoked in three years hun and your body is just trying to tell you DONT DO IT..... You are likely to feel a bit crap for a while but like the ladies have said, go and see your doc if your concerned 😊

    You are only 20 so by stopping now you have a great opportunity for your body to fully recover from the dangers and illnesses that we might get if we continue to smoke.

    We say NOPE..... Not One Puff Ever 

    Good luck with your quit and we are here if you need us 🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • Hi Amihaber and a big warm welcome to our quit support community :) :) 

    I tend to go with our lovely Ladies :) I think you've over done it with the drink and fags :o soooo, perhaps try and keep off them for a few days eh :) If you havnt got a sore throat, then I shouldnt think you have got flu or something :o 

    Amihaber, i'm just wandering, while you were drinking plenty alcohol, were you partying :o as in singing and shouting ?? cos you may have strained your vocal cords :o just a thought.

    I would give it a couple of days and see how you go on, if its still the same, then please go see your Doctor eh :)  try to drink plenty of water too.

    If you need any help with your quit, then just shout out :) 

    Amihaber, if you would please let me know your new quit date, then I can award you with a Winners badge :) 

    Pete :) 

  • Yeah it was at a party clun 2 nights. Right now i have only a mild horse voice but the soar throat is gone and i can easily breath again. Unlike yesterday. I stopped for three years when i was 17 (dont know the date sorry) then i have the urge to smoke  when my friends invited me to go to a party club ive smoke then amd their thats the first time after the 3 yrs ive stopped and ill never lite a ciggg ever again it really have major setbacks. Thanks i think ill observe the mild horse voice before going to a doctor. Thanks for the concerne 

    With much love AMIHABER

  • Hi Amihaber and welcome to quit support😊

    So glad you're feeling better today and please let this be a warning to you and stay away from the dirty cigs as they will make you sick. You are young and will have a healthier and wealthier future without lighting up👍🏼

    Huge congratulations on being quit 3 years, be very proud of your achievement👏🏼👏🏼

    NOPE not one puff ever🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭✅😊

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