One year quit and a wedding

Good morning everyone, hope the sun is shining on you all on this lovely Saturday morning and I hope you don't mind me sharing my little story with you.

When I first embarked on my quit all the money I wasn't spending in tobacco went on wool to teach myself to crochet. I had to keep my hands busy and everyone got a scarf for Christmas last year! Eventually though u didn't need to do that so just kind of started squirreling a little bit of cash away for 'just in case'. It turns out that the benefits of not smoking are threefold, I feel healthier, my partner then asked me to marry him and I've saved enough cash for a small wedding in August!! Now looking back on all the tough times this makes it all worthwhile :) who would've thought it!

Have a great day :)

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  • LilyMay this is so blooming brilliant! Many congratulations on all 3 perfect outcomes :) Health, wealth and happiness. You so deserve all 3 :)

    Also for sharing and cheering me up with such a positive personal story. Was feeling a bit blue, now it's turned positively pink :) :)

  • Hi Liliymae, congratulations I am so very happy for you, it's wonderful to hear your inspiring story :) well deserved happiness to you on your terrific news :) x

  • Aup LilyMay, its lovely to see you again and with such wonderful news too :) :)

    A massive flippin Whooooopy Doooooooo to you gal, I am soooooo happy for you and soooo proud of you :) :) Hey, you get younger looking each time I see you Lily :)

    Hmmmm, sounds like we got us an excuse for a party in August then :D :D

    Take care now Lily and see's ya soon :) x

  • WHOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO humongous congratulations Lilymay, that is one great story and what a great outcome..... it's a win win all round.. you get to have a lovely wedding, your lovely partner gets a gorgeous non smoking wife and not only do your friends and family get to celebrate such a momentous occasion with you both, they no longer receive crocheted scarfs for Christmas.... win win :D :D :D

    I am delighted for you, keep the faith and stay strong -x-

  • :D :D :D xx

  • Think this is probably the very best quit story I've ever read.!! HUGE congrats LilyMay on such lovely news,I truly hope your wedding day is all you wish for and that your new hubby will be very very proud of his non smoking wife.Hugs to you both H x

  • Thank you everyone :) it seems like really good things have happened since my quit and I'm a very lucky lady!!! And if I'm looking younger Monky i'm grateful for excellent genes (my 51 year old sister who is much older than me looms younger than me!!!) xx

  • What a lovely story huge congratulations actually brought a tear to my eyes, wishing you all the very best so happy for you, love the positivity x

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