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Lung test

Went with my mum today for a third lung test. We were pretty worried. She smoked for 50 years and stopped when I was in hospital 8 years ago. (I wish I had!)

Changes to be made from today, change in tablets, an inhaler, more exercise, lose weight.

This appointment was a focus for me to stop, which I did using hypnosis 10 days ago.

Today was another reminder why I had to stop.

I am feeling great! Although am experiencing previous quit symptoms such as abcess in mouth, gums being painful and skin breaking out.

Wishing everyone my very best wishes:-)

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May try hypnosis, as a back up,

Will have a look online to see where I can go near me

I also have an abcess in my mouth, and bleeding gums, think that got me down a bit,

And the fact no clothes fit me...

Good luck with your quit, xx


I get you!

Needing to start fitness regime tomorrow.

Well done on 4 weeks by the way!!!

I have had no cravings or loss this time with hypnosis. But I was really ready and really wanted it to work.

I'm doing warm salt water mouth washes. (Minging! But they seem to be working)

Also coconut oil pulling Much nicer.

Good luck:-)


Coconut pulling...??

I once went to Sri Lanka where their are coconuts...mmm... could do with a holiday....and if I have to pull some coconuts...OKAY I will give it a go...lol...will have a look online

Thanks xx

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I meant coconut oil pulling! It's ayurvedic and involves a spoon of coconut oil in mouth being pulled / sooked between teeth for up to 20 mins. It really helps my sore gums and teeth.

Spit out (into bin not sink ) and rinse with warm water.



Just looking online at it now...lol... think the holiday sounds nicer...lol... but I could do both...lol...I am going to town tomorrow so will grab some and have a go and let you know how I get on...thanks xx


Your doing great firecrow. So glad the hypnosis is working.

Hope mum is coping ok .

Take care. ☺xx

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