Step 1 - ashtrays gone!!

Hi I just joined this community today, looking for motivation to stop smoking - I am diagnosed COPD, which should be motivation enough, but after 40 years as a smoker and a reluctant retirement a couple of years ago, I have been struggling with a 'what's the point?' feeling about life & stopping.  Today I have read through many of the posts here, and on a COPD community, and really faced up to what I am doing to myself and how it is debilitating me.  I have been inspired and encouraged to find new approaches and aids that I haven't tried.  So, while sitting on the sofa with my dog I thought about all I had read, and where I could start again.  I ended up with a two hour activity plan with no cigarettes - my first activity being to throw away my ashtrays, my aim to feel better tomorrow than I have today.  

So my ashtrays have gone!  I don't expect to just stop completely right now, but is a first attempt at breaking the habit points while I plan my actual stop day. And I am well past the two hours already!

Actually already feels good - I am taking control! :)  So big thank you to all the people who have shared advice, it's made a big difference to me today.

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  • Hi Cosmic, welcome to the group. Seems like you are making a good plan. Are you going to use NRT? Try reading the Alan Carr book easyway to give up smoking. That helped me and the patches and gum. Have a look through all the posts and the pinned posts to the right. You could read through some of the recovery symptoms so they don't take you by surprise. The thing that shocked me most was the short temper and anger that was very severe for me one or two weeks in! Other people get physical symptoms but they all pass and it's not so bad. You get through it. Keep close tabs on the forum and get to know people everyone very friendly and supportive. 😎👀

  • Hi Andrew-S, thanks, and yes I expect I will need some NRT to help me quit altogether.  I have tried most things over the years, but never succeeded for more than a few days at most.  So will go back to my doctor to discuss different things people have mentioned here.

    Some tips in the pinned posts have helped me already - four & half hours now, no coffee, no cigarettes, but plenty of water, if I hang on just a bit longer will make it to sleep without smoking again today :)  (sorry in just counting the hours mode at the mo, hopefully will progress to counting days at some point). 

  • Don't be sorry you start with hours then days then months u got a good attitude to quitting I think you'll do really well 😀

  • Hi cosmic and welcome to our quit family😊

    So pleased to hear you have a plan as this is a very good idea, so well done👍🏼

    Lots of lovely people here and loads of brilliant info that will indeed help you get started. Ashtrays have gone👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Brilliant👍🏼  Each step is a move in the right direction and please remember you are not alone. We have all been where you are right now and definitely understand how it feels. A bit daunting but with the help of your quit family here, we can get there🚭🚭🚭

    Yes you are taking control and it feels good, doesn't it😊

    Have a read of the pinned posts, there's one about making a quit plan and another all about the NRT available. If you need anything, just shout as there's always someone around to help. Good luck🍀

  • Hello Briarwood, and thank you.  Yes I have found the pinned posts really helpful already, but will need to read them a few times more I expect to help keep me going :)

  • HI cosmic and a warm welcome to our quit support family.

    You sure have made a brilliant start with ditching the ashtrays👏👏

    Nothing wrong with counting hours, and even minutes 👍👍 we tend to do what ever works best 😀😀

    I am glad you have had a browse at the pinned posts, there really is some great info that truly does help.

    We have an awesome supportive family here who will be here for you 😀😀

    All the very best of luck 🚭🚭🚭🚭


  • Remember this, one foot in front of the other, the song from the Christmas movie when we were kids, it for some reason kept me going.  I quit a week ago after 13 years of smoking a pack a day, rough but you can do it!!!!  

  • Thanks army guy, and well done for quitting :)

  • Well cosmic, you have already made a great start in getting rid of the ashtrays 😊👍

    When you wake up in the morning I would like you to put today's cig money in a pot. Each day you fill your time doing something else and not smoking, put another days cig money in the pot..... It soon adds up and then you can treat yourself to something😊 

     People spend theirs in all sorts of ways......We have had holidays, cars, new sofa, paint, more plants for the garden, trips to favourite restaurants, spa treatments, new clothes.... The list is endless but not impossible 😊👍

    Good luck with your quit hun and you take it however you wanted to.... Minutes, hours days

    We say NOPE.... Not One Puff Ever 🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • Thanks Droopy, and yes I have already started to think of all the things I will be able to do when I have more money .....  :)

  • first off, congrats on taking the first step, which is wanting to quit, i quit about 3 months ago, almost 3 months that is, and let me tell you, it's been hell, but it's a trip through hell that i'm glad i made, and i havn't looked back since, i went cold turkey myself, which other people on here have even said, is a type of hell they can't even imagine,  but so far, it's been worth it, but at the same time it's not for everyone, there are of course alternatives, Vaping, which you can slowly ween yourself off of, or of course there is nicotine gum and patches, any of which you can talk to your doctor about and find out whats best for you, and as long as you stay strong and true to yourself, and know that were all behind you, no matter what, i know you'll do just fine

  • Thanks Hiro, although I have made the breakthrough to taking the first step, I don't think I will get through without some help so will be arranging to see my doctor today. Have tried to stop many times before over the years, without success, so well done you for keeping at it regardless of all the additional probs you have had to cope with.  

  • Well done cosmic, baby steps first and then one day at a time. You can do it and you sound determined and have a plan :) keep close to this site as wonderful people here to support you, we all know what you are going through. Stay strong

  • Next step is the lighters :P well done for taking the first big step, it really shows your commitment to giving up for good :-)

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