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Feeling down

Afternoon all, feeling a little down today, I think its just a combination of not smoking my IBS (stomach etc. not very good today) and not actually seeing anybody, anyway going to treat myself to egg on toast, then, as the sun has come out going to venture into the great outdoors, do some shopping, hit the charity shops, and pick up a spare battery for my ecig while i'm out.

All the best to everyone and blessings xx

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Sounds like a good day you have planned Doggie👍 I love charity shops... searching for that score !! Way to go on your 1 week quit👏👏👏


I feel the same as you, just wished I could get the courage to go out. I am so short of breath I cant do anything at home, and my husband, two sons, and 3 yr old grandbaby depend on me daily. I think i might just go have a good cry :( I feel so helpless today!

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Hope you're feeling a bit better now Doggie. Unfortunately we have bad days where we feel a bit down but hang in there for a better day tomorrow. You are doing brilliant and it will all be worth it to have your freedom💐😊

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