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feeling really down today

,Not quite sure why but today I'm really struggling with just about everything. Feeling just really down and in desperate need of a cigarette, I know I won't go back to the dark side but I just can't figure out why I feel like this. I'm stepping into week 8, generally fairly positive and have a fantastic holiday to look forward to in 2 weeks (we're treating ourselves to some sunshine in Cape Verde) but even the thought of that fails to bring a smile to my face.I'm using my ecig a lot more then normal and that scares me a bit.(I'm on 6mg Nicotine whichis as low as I can go without ditching it totally) Why am I feeling like this when I've got this far on my journey, I thought that the hardest bit was over bit today it seems not.

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Hi there, sorry to hear that you are not yourself today. I have had mood swings for the past 3/4 weeks since quitting. Luckily I came on here to talk about it and have received some really good advice and feel like I've got a new support network. Both of these things have made me feel a lot better about my situation and the future seems a lot brighter. I know I will still have my down days but I'm going to take them as they come, ride them out and treat them as a inevitable part of the giving up process. I hope you begin to feel better soon, and I'm sure by the time your holiday arrives you'll be grinning again! Take care xxxx


xxxx THANK YOU xxxx


Hi Ysd. Dont worry too much about how your feeling , sunshine even after 18months i get the odd day where I feel like that.Sometimes I think its probably change of weather or just lack of sunshine. I think your brain still thinks (oh yes have a ciggy and I will feel better) where in fact it doesnt make any difference.

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Aup Snowy :)

I think mr nic knows that you have beat him !! so he is having a last attempt to try and turn you around and get you back in his grasp :( You stay strong now eh, and keep kicking him outa that door :)

I hope you have a lovely weekend, Pete :)


Hiya Snow, sorry you felt so low hope you feel a bit brighter now. I do go up and down like a yo yo sometimes, I think some of it is definitely due to dark miserable days as Jilly suggested it is so much easier to feel positive when it is bright and sunny outside. but sometimes it is simply grieving for my old an deceased friend Nicotina! I'm 10 weeks this week and defo still have wildly positive days and downers. The one thing I've always observed when people have given up (Not me) that we use cigarettes like a mask kind of ignoring whats going on underneath and hiding behind the sods. I do know I suffer from SAD and have I ever done anythig about it? No I just smoked my way through winter, so perhaps for me this is the next bit I need to look at. Cape Verde eh? How fantastic, my brother and his wife went there a few years ago, they said it was like paradise! At least you will enjoy warm sunshine on your skin which will be lovely. Keep strong! :)


Well, you know, you get days like that when you do smoke. But then you don't even have the sense of satisfaction of having given up. Or the improving health, money in your pocket, breathing again, tasting again, smelling better (in every way) ........

It's all smoke and mirrors ......

Enjoy the lead up to the hols, and big congratulations on doing great :)


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