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27days since quit. Feeling down about teeth

I haven't had one craving and have realised why. I haven't been to dentist since I started smoking cos of phobia and being told of for smoking. I have been focusing on my teeth since quit and am having anxiety attacks thinking about going to a dentist.

I have suffered with anxiety attacks for about 6yrs now with not much help from my doctor and the smoking helped now I am smoke free they have worsened. I have in the past had a suicide attempt because I couldn't cope with the attacks and am thinking about doing it again because it would be better than going to the dentist. I phoned my gp surgery to get an appointment to see my doctor but was told he isn't in until tommorow. I will have to phone back at 8am and fight with everyone else to get to see my gp. I am so down.

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Hi Levis4, I really don't think we've met yet and I'm sorry about that, I'm just going to read the posts and the responses you've had before just so I can get up to speed, and then I will be back and hopefully we can have a chat?

I'll be back very soon

Chrissie xx :) :)


Aup Levis, its great to see you again and 27 days quit now then, that's fantastic news.

You must have saved quite a bit of money by now eh, soooooooo why don't you go and treat yourself to something really nice, get out to them shops eh and have a look around.

see ya soon. Pete.


Hi Levis, ok well please make sure you see your doctor and see if he can give you Beta blockers or something for the dentist trip, they should help, also in my area you can get put under sedation if your fear really is that bad, i am terrified hun, to the point where i have passed out and on another occasion vomited on him :(

Also if you are having these dark thoughts, have you spoken to family about them, or friends, or even the samaratiains. A trip to the dentist should not be causing you so much distress, is it vital you even go soon? xx


I am on beta blockers. Anti depressants and after my suicide attempt my doctor gave me sedatives.


oh ok, well i am not a medical proffesional or anything, but sounds to me if you are having these feelings again you need to ring docs back up and tell them that they NEED to see you and trust me they will fit you in x


Hi Levis

I'm with the others - insist for a GP appointment asap and try not to worry too much about the dentist. Failing that you could call your local Mental health trust or go to A & E. Either way don't let these feelings overwhelm you. It's good that you have come on here and let us know how you are feeling and hopefully just writing them down make you feel a little better. Keep in touch xx


Hi Levis4, I have sent you a private message xx

What kind of support network do you have around you, personally and professionally?

You have an amazingly good looking pup there and it seems that you enjoy going for walks with him / her. Maybe this will help clear your head a bit.

You are a very special person, we all are :-) I really do believe that you have to focus on this and see that life really is too precious to want to end it by suicide :-(

Stopping smoking does bring anxiety with it and if you already have to live with anxiety, then this may seem tenfold initially but I promise you, it does get easier. Please let us help you back on the road of positivity :-)

With regards to your dentist, I completely understand how much thinking about visiting one can eat up at your mind. I am absolutely petrified of them myself and in the past have to take a sedative when booked in. However, what I have found works is the more you go, the better / easier it gets. Now I'm not saying that you would want to be going all the time when you feel this way but getting over the initial visit really does help. Maybe even take a friend with you?

We're all in this together, remember that :-)



Thank u. I know when I go to the dentist I will have to have extractions and fillings and am petrified. I have spoke to a few nhs dentists on the phone about my fears and they have not been helpful. I also have spoke to a couple of private dentists who think it best I visit my doctor for help first as they think something maybe underlying my fear. I have been trying for years to get referred to a councillor but had no success. I am finding it hard to cope with the way I feel. My partner is brilliant and is there for me and tells me he loves me all the time. He did make my fear of dentist a little worse because he has had an awful time at the dentist. I have other fears that make my life hard too. I just don't want to wake up tommorow x


Levis, you have to snapp out of this mood your in somehow :o erm, go flippin kick something, go punch a cushion, chuck a flippin plant pot up the garden, but do something to get rid of that awful thought that is in your head at the moment :o come on gal, flippin dooooo something :) :)

Because I tell you, you will not like me comming to your's to wake you up inn the morning, cos I kick assss seee :o :D :D

Rite gal, down to the nitty gritty as they say :o I too, am petrified of going to the dentist, but I also know I will have to go, cos my gums have receded due to smoking :o I havnt seen a dentist in probably 15 Years. I know why I am petrified of dentists, cos when I was about 5, 6 years old, I was in the waiting room, and this girl, well I think it was a girl, screamed out, and I flippin did a runner gal, I flippin tell you, BUT, BUT that was back in the 60s, but I know that we all have fears from our younger days eh :o Since then, I have found another dentist which is the complete opposite, he is so understanding and helpful, but saying that, I am still scared of going to see him, but, I know I will be ok when I actually see him eh :) :) It's funny isnt it, just dont know why gal :o

Young Lady, would you please let me know what your other fears are ?

My name's Pete, by the way :) x


Levis, you need to get some help with the way you are feeling, you cant do it on your own hun. I suggest you wait outside your doctors for it to open in the morning. You need to demand that your referred to someone that can help you.

As to the dentist, I have always been blessed with good dentists however I am due to have an operation in the next few months and THAT frightens the devil out of me. I get panic attacks as I am petrified of what could happen... Its an irrational fear I know, but I have to have this op.... You don't have to go to the dentist :) , at least not until you get to the bottom of your issues.

Its fantastic that you have a very supportive partner. We will also give you whatever support we can. There's some great advice on here (especially Pete's...not sure you would want to see him first thing in the morning.... :D )

SO please stay strong and keep the faith -x-

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:P :P :D :D :D


Levis, have you also thought about talking to somebody at AnxietyUK? They also have community here on HealthUnlocked.

Have a look at the following link and see what you think;


I am sure that they will be able to support you too :-)


Right, I've caught up now, I honestly don't know how we having met before but it must have been at the time when I was away from the site for a while or something.

Anyway, first of all I have to ask, how does your mouth feel now? It was over 2 weeks ago when you first commented about your mouth feeling bad, has it improved at all since then? I too suffered with my mouth for several weeks after I stopped smoking (in about the same timescale as you actually). it was exactly as you described and felt horrible - so sore, so uncomfortable, so sensitive and bleeding gums to add to all that! As it happens I had to visit the dentist during that time as I had a broken fillling, and she did absolutely nothing about what was happening in my mouth because of stopping smoking, so that is why I say just forget about your dentist for now and concentrate on your mouth.

My dentist told me my my mouth was inflamed - this is caused by the mouth RECOVERING/HEALING from the effects that smoking has had on it over the years. Smoking affects the blood circulation to the mouth and the gums, when you stop smoking that recovers, so that is why your gums will bleed more (a positive sign not a negative one) and why everything feels sore (the nerve endings "wake up" too) It will all calm down but if it's really bad only brush your teeth very gently with a sensitive toothpaste and several times a day use an anti-bacterial mouth wash. Another tip is to use an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen when it's really bad to help calm it down. Trust me eventually it does get better and now my mouth is absolutely fine.

Regarding your anxiety - there are dentists who specialise in treating people who particularly suffer from anxiety. A work colleague of mine has one because she also suffers from anxiety. If you feel that you need to see a dentist do your research and you should be able to find one locally. I have a phobia too and I don't talk about it because I don't want people making fun of me about it - but I can actually live my life quite easily without ever having to face my phobia so I don't do anything about it. But I understand that hypnosis and counselling treatments like that can help.

So in conclusion - forget the dentist for now, your oral problems are a sign of your mouth recovering from the effects of smoking over the years and although it is not pleasant at all, it is a positive sign. Get some good mouth wash and some sensitive toothpaste (and possibly a soft toothbrush) and just treat your mouth very carefully and it will recover.

And phone the GP at 8.00 am to talk about your anxiety and how down you feel, I'm afraid we all have to go through that 8am process these days but get yourself an appointment a talk to him/her.

I am so sorry about the delay in sending this - I'm afraid I received a telephone call from a friend and it went on for a very long time!

Take care of yourself and keep in touch - stopping smoking is not easy, but it's not impossible either and your mouth will get better I promise you (look for the light at the end of the tunnel and just keep going!) We are all rooting for you


Hi Levi you sound like your having a terrible time but it sounds like you've been in this bad place before and have managed to get through it, so you can definitely get through it again and even come out stronger than ever before. Your other half sounds like he's amazing and really loves you so you have to get better again to have the fun times again with him. Please get the support you need, even if it means constantly ringing people and being very annoying. All the best of strength and luck to you and please stay strong

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Hi Levis, thinking of ya and wondering if you got a doctor's app today and how you are getting on? Please let us know, hugs are coming to ya x


Hi thank you. Not good been crying a lot today. No bloody doctors fobbed me off again. Decided to change surgery.

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Those doctors should be ashamed of themselves to do that so. Maybe it's a good idea to change surgery. Just hang in there and there will be better days ahead for you, your lovely dog looks like adorable and relies on you so you have to get better and the sun will shine again for you x x x x sending positive vibes to you x

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Hear, hear Briarwood :) :)


Hey, Levis, its flippin great to see you gal, cos now I know that you havnt gone and done something stupid eh :) :) :)

Yes I agree with you and Briarwood, change your flippin doctors, cos the ones you have now are utterly useless and have no thought for their patients :P :P so there :) :)

Please, please let us know how you get on :) :) Pete :) x


Don't feel bad, Levis4,

I'd try to see your doctor first, tell him again how you feel,

If you find they don't help,

Maybe you can find one who is better...

My family doctor is not too bright,

Don't worry about the dentist until you get some support....

We all have terrible fears...I am terrified of speaking in public....a real phobia,

I've been smoking 25 years, haven't had teeth problems, go now and then to old dentist....

We are all behind you whatever you decide.....

I went with my girlfriend to support her at the dentist,

Because she also was nervous....

Someone should be with you for company,

When you do decide to go......

Just take it one day at at time....and you have us here, behind you

So glad to meet you, xxxx



I too went through terrible anxiety,

They put me on an antidepressant

You feel like you are going through a nightmare,

But the clouds DO lift...and you look back and can't believe

That you ever felt so bad,

The world becomes a better place...

And you are stronger for it....

We are here with you.....

When you are fed up,

Knowing you are not alone definitely helps...


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