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Thank you!

I've read some stories from others on here. I really appreciate people sharing the effect smoking has had on them (their health in particular). I understand it must be harrowing to go through, it's a big help to other quitters to hear from people first hand.

I'm very fortunate in not having had to go through what some posters here have been through. I've read lung removal, aneurysm's and strokes.

I wish everyone with health issues the best for the future and hope people continue sharing their stories. It demonstrates great courage to do so!

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Hi Frank - the health issues surrounding fags are so well known and so horrendous that I do wonder how on earth I/we manage(d) to ignore them for so long! Lots of words come to mind like: addict, idiot, selfish so-and-so, self-indulgent, delusional - yup all of those and more! I sometime think it takes a real shock to the system to snap people out of that denial - i know it was for me. Not confident at all yet, just a day at a time, but I really don't want to be laying on a hospital bed in 20 years (or less) on a ventilator like my mum was a fortnight ago. I also don't want my kids to be crying the heart breaking tears of grief and anger that my father, brother, children, nephews, friends did at the prospect of losing such an amazing person too soon. I don't want them to be sitting in the 'relatives'' room reeling from the shock of being told that i very probably will not survive the night . . . . I truly think this been a traumatic experience for the whole family, not just my mum.

For some people, this still isn't enough to stop them smoking . . . (shakes head in disbelief then slaps herself as this is just what she has being doing for years til now!) Nowt so queer as folk! :)



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