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Am losing track of time

Thinks its 13 weeks tomorrow but not sure! Am putting on weight so am going to try eating healthier snacks such as apple with peanut butter etc and drinking loads of water. I don't drink any where near as much as I did when is smoked. In fact I only drink about three cups of coffee or tea a day now and I used to drink about 15 cups a day. Apparently our body thinks we are hungry when in actual fact it's thirst so that is something we could all try to avoid putting on weight. :-)

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You are doing awesome👍👍 our metabolism returns to normal when we quit smoking so weight gain is very common. keep drinking lots of water and include some walking as this will help minimise weight gain 😄😄


Aup Wendy, its lovely ta see ya gal :) and look at you gooooooo :) actually, its a massive 14 weeks tomorrow :) :) WHOOOOP WHOOOOOP :) :)

I am loving your healthier snacks idea :) and yes Wendy, try drinking water when you feel the hunger come on, cos that is supposed to trick your mind into feeling full :o

If you can quit the flippin cigs gal, then you can quit the weight gain :) am soooooo PROUD of ya Wendy :) :)

You take care now :)


Well done Wendy on 14 weeks quit and yes unfortunately most quitters put on a a few pounds☹️ Have to agree that water is really the best thing to drink although I have to admit I luv my coffee☕️ Swimming is great for burning those calories🏊 You're doing great🚭👍🏼😊


Hi Wendy, really well done on 14wks quit👍 half a stone (I think you said you have gained) is not that bad. Walking (as others have said) regularly will help try and stick with 30 mins a day. You're doing fab keep going 😄

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Thanks for that reminder about water Wendy. I need to drink more xx


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