How long? I HAVE had a couple of good day's in 14

It's as if I get punished by my brain after having respite from the mental war for a while! I am sooo tired of feeling this self pity... But I can't seem to see the wood for the trees.... I try and snap out of it.. Today I took my son to the river where we found a frizby... Yesterday I took him to an outdoor pool and went in myself!! One thing not smoking is good for is making me do stuff to try and avoid the darkness lurking in corners to swamp me again!! I try and remember the feeling of "feeling good about being a non smoker" I had the other day and said "remember this!!" But it's soooooo hard when the misery bug creeps in :-( god I pray for respite tomorrow...

I guess two good days in a week is a beacon of hope ... Sorry for rant.., just needed to SCREAM in text form... And in my head!!!!

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  • Hiya jaglan, now I want to scream also coz I just lost the reply I sent ya😩

    You're doing terrific but just doesn't feel like it at the moment. There will be light at the end of the tunnel and you will feel good about being a non smoker. The happy chemicals are taking their time to reach you but they will. Hang in there and it really will all be worth it. Never apologize for a rant coz that's normal and much better to get it out of your system. Be very proud of your achievement coz I'm proud of you. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going for better days ahead☺️X

  • thanks briarwood, i keep moving forward, fed up of being fed up. I know its only two weeks, but its sooooo tiring!! But I guess you guys know this already :) Fingers crossed another respite arrives soon :0

  • Hi ya Jaglan :) :) We are all different, soooo, we get different symptoms when we quit :o we all get good days and bad days too :( its not your brain punishing you, its just old flippin mr nic sticking his boot in gal :o Just you flippin kick him back eh :) :)

    Yesssssss, Jaglan, you get out and about cos it does your son good and you toooo :) :) Your doing just flippin fantastic on your quit, you are :) :) Jag, your on early days yet, so please dont expect toooo much to soon eh :)

    Jaglan, your doing ever so well and be PROUD of your achievements :) cos i flippin am I tell ya :) :)

    Hope to speak soon :)

  • digging deep monkey.....much deeper and ill come out in aussie land!! dunno if this link will work, but its a vid of how I feel about smoking... it was on fb and did actually make me smile... a lot!!

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  • Link broken

  • Hi Jaglan,

    There is no right or wrong way to get through the early days of quitting. If you need to scream - Do it - Get a pillow and punch the stuffing out of it :D :D You do what ever you have to to get you through.

    You have come this far, and truly, you are doing fantastically :) :) It wont be long and you need to go back and read some of your posts and just see for yourself just how far you have come :) :)

    We are all so very proud of you for staying so strong...You just keep on letting ole Mr Nic know who is is the boss and that he wont win over you :) :) ..

    Keep up the awesome quit you have going :) :)

  • cheers glolin.... yes I guess it is early days..... but the days are soooooooo loooooooong!!!! I kinda hoped id suffer a bit and the badabing badaboom!! job done....the new fit de aged de stressed healthy me with perfect heart wakes up and cycles the 12 miles to school with my son on the cross bar singing the happy little working song!!! guess I need to hang tight for a while longer WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  • You will see a significant change after the first month 👍👍🌸🌸

  • That's given me a will power boost :-)

  • Hi Jaglan, I do hope your having a better day today.

    Please keep the faith, your on the road to Freedom from that nasty Mr Nic, because that's what we all want.

    Sending you loads of Good Luck vibes, x. You CAN do this. :-)

  • I am a faithful person mrs sunnyside !!! I will keep praying for the lightning bolt! X

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