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First time quitter - not smoked since beginning of July!

After 33 years smoking, I have finally quit! I am using Champix and I am absolutely stunned that it actually works. Every time previously I have thought about packing in, I have not managed an hour. So this time, I thought I would try Champix. I was told I had to fix a quit date but in view of the fact that I didn't think it would work, I set a sort of vague date of 14 days after starting (the maximum). Be around day 9 I wasn't enjoying the cigarettes so thought I might as well just stop. It really was that easy and that was 3 July. However, I am now panicking about stopping the Champix - I have around 5 weeks left of it. I have joined this forum for some support and advice about stopping the Champix - and support for the future!

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Welcome to quit support. Lynne a big well done on quitting. I am no expert on champix , however Emjay our advisor and some of the other members should be here soon to advise you. Meanwhile stay focused and positive. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Lynne, welcome to quit support :)

We will be happy to help you through your journey :)

It seems hard at the beginning but other members who have been on Champix, will be along to give their advice :)

You have done really well so far and try not to panic at this point :)

Just deal with one day at a time and stay positive :)

You can do this, believe in yourself :) x


Hi ya Lynne And a big warm welcome to this lovely quit site :) and a massive well done to you for quitting the cigs gal :) :)

Rite Champix, it is very good :) for one thing, I used it a while ago, I didnt really set a quit date, it just happened, about the 12th day, I just went down from smoking about 30 - 35 cigs a day to 9 :) :) soooo, I thought Pete, this is it, the champix is working, so the next day I quit :)

Ok, that was fine, BUT, I got cocky and cut course of champix short :o thought I didnt need it any more !! So young Lady, please, please take the full course :) Cos the champix wont just be training your brain to not need nicotine, but also, you will be training yourself to get out of the ''habit'' of smoking tooo :)

So you see Lynne, by the end of the course your brain wont want nicotine anymore and nor will you have the habit :) Sooooo you see, there is no need for you to panic, is there :) The longer you go without a ciggie the easier it will get and the stronger you will become :)

Ermmmm, Lynne, you just maybe able to help another member of ours, she is called '' Caninecrazy48 '' cos she's struggling a bit with champix too, only if you feel up to it gal :)

Hope to speak soon Lynne, Pete :)


Hi Lynne, welcome to this lovely support site... our monky has given you some great advice :)

We will be happy to support you on your quit journey and will do whatever we can to help you :)

Your doing fantastically well so keep up the good work -x-


Thank you all - I have got to this point pretty much alone (my support worker has never smoked - how does that work??) and all my family are non smokers! I am definitely going the full course - I'm risking nothing.... what I absolutely love about not smoking is not planning my life around having a cigarette. I got up, had a ciggie and a coffee, one on the way to work,one at 10.30, etc etc. But the strangest things happen - I went on holiday a couple of weeks ago and despite not smoking for 3 weeks or so, I panicked at the airport that I needed a cigarette before the flight! I suppose that is what I have always done in the past. I will be more than happy to discuss anything and everything I am doing with anyone - if it helps at all! Again, THANK YOU!


Well done Lynne on not giving in :) ..... as to your support worker never smoked.. seems a common occurrence :( however, the good news is our quit advisor Emjay used to smoke and is a quitter like all of us :)


Hay Lynne, way to go gal :) you just stay positive and keep focused on your quit gal, you sound a lot happier now :)

If you need a shout a moan a rant & rave, then flippin come on here and let us know gal :) cos we are all in this together and are aiming for the same goal, thats smokefree :) :)

Thank you for replying to us :) :) xx


Hi Lynne,

Welcome to this fantastic group :) and well done on you quit so far :) You are doing fantastic!!!! :) :)


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