start of another day smoke free

Morning everybody just back from a 3 mile walk breathing much better no cravings so far E cig does make a difference really helps . Next try and stop using the E Cig in a couple of weeks . Hope everyone is still smoke free . Its not easy but its worth it for your health and well being . Stay strong and remember everyone on here is in the same boat and here to help each other when needed

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  • Hey good morning great job ,I start gym again and it dose makes u feel better,carry on the good job and strong mind,

  • Morning I never use to walk or exercise but I am loving it now they say you should walk 30 Minutes a day when you stop smoking to help with circulation and breathing

  • Get you mister excerise man 😉 Loving the enthusiasm you have, just you keep that up and it will help you reach your goal 😊

  • Thank you . I have to do something to keep my mind and body active I don't do the Gym so walking is the next best thing . Keeps the weight off I eat like a horse when I am not smoking lol

  • I want to go for a walk but it's only 4:51am🇨🇦 You're an inspiration to me🙋 Thankyou xx

  • Sorry forgot about time Difference . That's when I go walking 6 or 7 am before work find it very peaceful not many people about

  • I just do what works for me your the inspiration off them for 9 months . well done you hope I can do the same

  • 👍🏼😊

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