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Am I vaping more nicotine than I used to smoke??

Hi everyone just gave up yesterday and I'm using the wicked e cig, I started on 18mg but it was too little so I went back and got 24mg which is perfect, I'm just wondering this seems way too easy I was a heavy smoker and I'm not suffering much withdrawals, do e cigs actually get you off the cigarettes or am I replacing one Habit with another! I'm just afraid I'm vaping too much, how often do you refill your automiser?? Thanks and well done everyone!!!!


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You are not inhaling a whole lot of harmful chemicals found in cig. smoke .. but you are still catering to or relieving your nicotine addiction.

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I'm using a vape stick too - it's really useful. As Will said, you're not shoving harmful chemicals into your body anymore which is a good thing and the e cig is helping to relieve your cravings. Keep using it - I've started cutting back on the amount of nicotine in my replacement liquids (it's been 2 weeks since I quit) and you soon get used to it. I do use mine a lot but anything that keeps me from lighting up has to be a good thing! With time, I'm sure we'll be able to rely less on the e cigs. Go easy on yourself - it's only been 1 day!


I agree -- as an old buddy of mine says to me: "Take the emergency out of it." A lot of people have been very successful with a plan to reduce nicotine over time using Nicotine Reduction Therapy.

That said: I live in the USA where the e-cig/vaping INDUSTRY is UNREGULATED. (The makers of patches, gum, etc, ARE regulated.)

I don't know about the UK.

Therefore, the folks who mix up those exotic e-liquids can pretty much tell you anything they want -- and if you want to trust your health to them that's fine. Remember, they have the SAME INCENTIVE - that is, "profit" - to keep you addicted to vaping as does the tobacco industry - to keep you smoking.

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Hiya Annie and a big warm welcome to quit support😊

Congratulations on making the best decision you can for your future health👍🏼

With any nicotine replacement, it's there to help you stop smoking so it's the same with your ecig. Don't worry about how much ya use it in the first few days as you can plan to reduce it in the future. Our lovely admin will look after your winners badge for you. Good luck🍀😊x

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I have stopped the same way. Been vapeing since June. Now on a mix of 0.3 nicotine and 0 which I mix together.

Got to be better than smoking surely?


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