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45 days smoke free :-)

Bellabella18 Months Winner

Hello everyone,

Not been in touch much recently, although have been loitering in the background most days!

Following two very stressful weeks at work before week and half hols, a full on dose of the flu I'm pleased to say, 45 days in and I remain smoke free :-) :-)

Just swapped the medium strength patches for low. Probably a few weeks early but can't say I've noticed the difference. Still I never really fancied smoking whilst ill.

A week spent in Ireland with family and lovely couz John Steve - and indoor chain smoker.

Fortunately JS recently purchased an E-cigg in an attempt to give up smoking, so fumes weren't quite as bad as first envisaged. Tired the E-Cigg once or twice and apart from it making me cough, I was very impressed. Quite tempted to purchase one myself although concerned I may just be swapping one habit for another, especially since the patches seem to be working...

Anyway, the best thing about staying in a house with a smoker is the realisation of how disgusting the smell of stale smoke is. Gets everywhere, in your hair, clothes, even those still in your case!! Did I really smell that bad?? Probably!!

Makes me more determined than ever to stick with it :-) :-)

Anyway hoping all is well... thinking about making a fish and potato soup, perfect for feeling sorry for yourself flu days!!

Love to everyone

Suze xxx

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simba19618 Months Winner

Well done know what you mean about stale smoke hubby stil smokes when he comes into room tell him how much he smells suecx


Well done Suze, your a star :) you sound so positive so your bound to win this fight :)

Sorry that you've got the flu, hope your better soon :) xx


Hi Bella, I think your doing really well, to go through having flu etc and still stay quit. Brilliant.

Keep it up . you NON-SMOKER.

Bellabella18 Months Winner

Ahhh, thanks everyone, couldn't have done it without you... :-) smoked haddock and potato soup turned into seafood chowder - very tasty!!

Don't seem to be suffering from too many cravings, but too scared to give up patches altogether and fail. Do you think mabe I should swap to an E-cig instead??


Aup Suze, thats just fantastic gal :) :) 45 days, you stick with it Suze, cos your doing so so well :) :)

Erm myself, I think I would stick to the patches for now, and see how you go :) cos you've got this far on them :) :) but its entirely up to you gal, cos i know a Woman knows best :D :D speak soon Suze, take care now :)

Pete :)

Bellabella18 Months Winner

Ahhh, thanks Monky, sorry Pete, our little Monky ;-) ;-) you alway give such good advice, how you doing?


Hey! Lovely to hear how well you're doing :-)

I would stick with using the patches as you have been, they seem to be working well for you. If you find yourself struggling, you could always opt for the inhalator as a back up to the patch. Let me know if you are paying for them yourself or not and maybe I can send you the details of or refer you to your local stop smoking service. This way you would only pay the price of a prescription... Unless of course you get free prescriptions :-)

You're doing brilliant! :-)

Bellabella18 Months Winner

Thanks Emjay, this site has been fantastic in my journey so far. Thanku everyone :-)

Boots had a special offer on their own brand of patches so splashed out on a full supply a few weeks ago. it turned into rather costly event, given the price of the amount of tobacco i smoked, but my rather odd thinking mind thought it would help me stick with it!! Guess its worked so far with only 4 weeks worth of low strength patches to go!!

Flu has put my exercise regime back some what, however lack of appetite has prevented any extra pounds. In fact lost a few, but if you want my advice, an hour of sweat provides a much better buz than 4 days in bed hardly be to move!!

Vitamins, chowder and another nights sleep and hopeful ready to face that smoke free world tomorrow!! X


Sounds like a plan ;-)

Glad you find our site helpful, you're one of our members who make it work! Have a good nights kip and we'll look forward to hearing from you soon :-)

You can do this!

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