Tuesday Afternoon Prayer

I've been praying a lot today, for my own comfort and would like to pray also for all of you.  My emotions have been kind of all over the place but I keep repeating this prayer of comfort and it sooths me, I hope for all of you, it is soothing too:

Lord, You are my God.  Thank You for speaking tenderly to Your people.  To me. Thank You for speaking comfort over me, over the raw and wounded places in my soul.  Thank You for comforting me during trials, when the end is not in sight.  Thank You for comforting me when I'm suffering the consequences of my own rotten choices.  Most of all, thank You for forgiving my sins, through the blood of Your only Son, Jesus Christ, Lord of all, in whose name I pray.


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  • Amen, Carissa :) :) 

  • I don't know what it is, but I keep repeating this every time I feel anxious as I'm sitting here working, or I start getting upset for whatever reason, I just close my eyes take a deep breath and pray this prayer and I feel a calmness wash over me that helps me get through whatever negative feeling I am having :)

  • Then you just keep on praying Carissa, cos I know its definitely helping you :) :) xx 

  • thank you!  I just hope that my prayers will reach and help others too :)

  • I'm sure they will Carissa :) :) xx

  • Amen Carissa

  • Omg Carissa ,

    That is sooo beautiful 👍🏻  Thankyou xxxx    We are here for you❤️

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