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Day 55 - having tightness in chest

Hi all, today is day 55 for me and I am having tightness in my chest.  I guess it's anxiety, but I don't want a smoke or am I craving one.  It's just a weird feeling.  I have this nervous energy.  I have been going to the park for a walk, exercising, and doing my deep breathing but I have been having this tightness feeling for the last few weeks for most of the day.

Any one else have this and if so, what helps to stop it?


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Hi well done on your 55 days. I would see your GP about the tightness in your chest. Just to be on the safe side. Take care.


I am starting to get that feeling, but I just want it to go away. I can deal with the coughing up stuff, moods, wanting to sleep all the time...but not the shortness of breath or tight chest.


Hi Deb, congratulations on 55 days, great quit🚭😊

Certainly worth a visit to your G.P. As it'll put your mind at rest. Probably just your body healing but better get it checked out anyway. Hopes ya feel better soon and be very proud of yourself too💐😊


Whooohoooo Deb 55 days is fantastic 😊

Could be wind ....... But best to get it checked 😊

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