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Coming off Champix - and advice/feedback

Well this is the longest I have ever managed to stay off nicotine and I'm happy to report easier breathing, concentration at work getting better, clearer skin, no yellow stains on fingers and of course not smelling like an ashtray.

My question is I have two weeks left on champix but am starting to worry already about how I'm going to cope without it. Does anyone on here have any advice on what to expect?

I've found that Champix isn't a wonder drug and whilst it takes away the physical craving it doesn’t take away the habit, routine, familiarity etc. and at times just simply missing it. I know that’s stupid, missing something that is slowly killing you but coming on this site earlier this week and finding others going through similar thoughts was a great help. This site has provided enormous support in letting me know that what I’m feeling/going through isn’t unique and many of you have gone through similar or worse so my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have contributed to this forum and given me strength when I’ve been a crumbling weeping wreck in the corner.

Will the craving for nicotine increase when I stop the champix or will it just be in my head? I did ask the stop smoking nurse but she didn’t know but didn’t think it would be a problem but as she has never smoked in her life…………….. and I’ve had almost 40years on 20 a day, I didn’t really find her much help. What I do find helps is knowing what to expect so I can make plans for how to deal with it so any advice from anyone who’s been on champix and can advise on how my receptors will react once the little buggers are unblocked will be much appreciated 

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Well done mazzie. You have done amazing. Can't help with the Champix , but know many others on here have taken them , so will probably be able to ansear your question. I know what you mean about missing it , stupid, but think some of us will always get that, a friend of mine still does after 10 years, but we have to look at all them positives you have mentioned, and never go back. And them times I do miss them are becoming less, :)  hope someone on here will reply soon :) x


Greetings Mazzie from 🇨🇦

9 weeks is awesome 👏🎉🎉🎉🎉

My experience about champix comes from reading members journeys... I went cold turkey so for 5 months I wanted to light up all the time.... I took one day at a time and just didn't have that 1 puff=1 pack.... You're not addicted to nicotine anymore but the dependence may still be lurking😡 Ol Mr Nic will try and tempt you when you're  HALT ( hungry, angry, lonely , tired) 

Some members lose their dependence on smoking quickly.. Others not so quickly..

Just don't have that 1 puff👍🏻☀️xx


Hi Mazzie - Congratulations on your quit - I can't answer your question as I took a different route but am certain another quitter who has used Champix will tell you. I do know that my son used it and used nothing after the course finished and did not have withdrawal symptoms. I think because the nicotine is actually out of your system your brain is not expecting to get any which is great really. I am shocked that your medical advisers cannot answer your query, think the members on this site might be better qualified for the job lol.  Your determination and willpower have played an enormous part in your amazing quit and I am sure everything will be okay for you. If not come back on site and am sure all will try to help. JC


Hi Mazzie, well done on your quit👏🏼👏🏼😊

Your neural pathways weaken when not used, that's the good news👍🏼 It's the habit of smoking that will be lurking in the background☹️ you'll find new pathways to release happy chemicals😄

I'm surprised your stop smoking nurse couldn't tell you that your cravings will only be psychological and not physical when you finish the course. You'll have to keep an eye out for mr nic in case he makes an appearance but distract yourself and find new ways to release the happy chemicals. You can start making a list of things to do that make ya happy🤔 You're a WINNER🏅


I'm on my last 2 weeks as well my stop smoking nurse said to me that  I shouldn't have any problems because of my positive attitude ,she used to smoke and quit with champix and has had many people who have had no problems maybe you should stay on it an extra 2 weeks I no you can do that our gps do a 10 wk 12 wk 14 wk course it's up to the nurse that's y I'm only doing 10 week course good luck and well done 


Thank  you everyone for all the support, I suspect my poor nurse did try to say it would only be physiological, but my visit that day  was particulary bad from my point of view, (week seven and the longest I'd ever got to as a non smoker on previous occassions) and it's at this point I know I'm missing the bugger mr nic on more than just a physical level - and it's hard. This is the women who at hubbies work's christmas party got two ex-smokers to take a view puffs as I regaled them with all the reasons I smoked and why I enjoyed it!

And yes I did regret and was ashamed of  my part in their slip up (but they are both back on the wagon to this day so I might have helped show them a trigger point - me!) in the cold sobering light of day and it is one of a number of motivating reasons that made me stop and keeps me saying NOPE

But I am still thinking about smoking on a daily basis and wish I wasn't. There are so many times it pops into my head with so many associations - and no I don't want to smoke but I also don't want to think about it so bloody much!

Rant over but still managed a get together earlier tonight with a couple of close girlfriends, both smoking and I didn't!!! still got drunk (hence this post :)) but no smoking!! maybe that's why I'm thinking so negatively now, but at least I ain't smoking and now I'm starting to smile and think - yea no smoking :) and maybe time to go to bed :) :) :)

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..I quit with champix and when I finished the course I did find the cravings became a little bit stronger..but then I realised it wasn't craving ..it was just a thought..my sleep pattern was better without the champix.I had horrendous dreams and woke up several times a night!! .my nurse told me it takes 12 weeks to break a habit, hence 12 week course of champix ..just hang on in there and dont worry ,😊

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