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4 weeks off very lethargic

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Nellyquit4 Weeks Winner

Hi, everyone iv read your posts and found them so helpful I just had to say thanks never posted anything before so hear goes. I quit 4 weeks ago using champix but now I feel Very lethargic  and don't quite feel myself anymore . (I don't blame the champix  ) I think it's the demon tobacco trying to push me back to smoking , I'm not going to give in ,I know it's a tricks ? iv stopped too many times but this is a new one on me just want to stay in bed and a bit reclusive " crazy stuff "ok so I obviously don't know what this drug is capable Of "hate it " but love it too smoked over thirty years and i really don't understand what nicotine is capable off . one thing I have learned is if I take just one puff I'm back  smoking again I really can say I totally understand that after all this time (numerous attempts to stop ) like  other habits and addictions it's a case of changing your life forever and for the better that can't be bad I'm ranting and it's made me feel a little bit energetic so I'm going to get up and do something constructive feel like a nutter today 😂 love this app it's really helping me kick this habit  Thanks for reading 

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Good morning Nelly from 🇨🇦☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

Awesome post!!  Yes, addiction is cunning and baffling.   I was lethargic and depressed for a few months.. I couldn't believe I was so addicted to cigarettes ... I can't believe the government allows the tobacco industry to put all those chemicals (4000+) into the tobacco and sell them to us to kill us.. Somethings very wrong ..

Glad you posted your feelings and thoughts👍🏻

Best wishes xxxx

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Nellyquit4 Weeks Winner in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your support Arizonasands I needed it , I believe they even put chocolate in those cigs too , yes you are so right something sooooo wrong with the tobacco industry how did they get away with it ? 

Hi Nelly. Well done on your quit, your doing Fab. Me too smoked 30 years. Your right it is a case of changing your life forever an it certainly is a roller coaster with your emotions. But stick at it and stay close to this site as they are a smashing supportative group of people. Even I have had a few wobbles the last day , and they have put me back on track. You can do it and if you ever feel like a rant, chat or just someone to talk to shout out, as always someone to speak to you. Welcome to our quit family. Stay strong

Maddy x

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Nellyquit4 Weeks Winner in reply to Maddyg

Thanks maddy for your support 

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Hi Nelly, both the girls have already said  stick with us.  Yes emotions do vary day to day, so stay strong.  If you let Glolin know your exact quit date she will make sure you get your next badge. I have just raided Monkys drawer and got you your 4 week badge.   Take care. xxx


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Nellyquit4 Weeks Winner in reply to jillygirl

Hi Jill, I stopped the 3rd March ' 16  , "my sisters wedding anniversary , " she has been married as long as I have smoked. she's always wanted me to stop so I thought It was an appropriate day , as I planed to stop March , thank monkey for leaving the drawer open I like badges 

Hi Nelly. Just enjoyed reading your post. U have done so well to reach four weeks. Bet u are feeling proud of yourself. Everything u described: lethargic, reclusive, energetic, crazy is just how I remember it. Made me smile. Stick with it and u will get there. Worth it 😀

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Nellyquit4 Weeks Winner in reply to Andrew-S

I hope so Andrew , thanks for the support 

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Hi Nellyquit and a big warm welcome to our quit support community :) and look at you, 4 weeks quit already, am soooo proud of you Nelly :) :) 

Champix is an excellent form of NRT and will be working as I speak on your nicotine receptors in your brain and things will start to get easier and easier for you as you go along your quit journey :) As for you feeling a bit crazy, thats just the norm of quitting smoking gal but it will pass, ermm, hopefully, cos some of our longer term members on here are still a bit ermmm, lets just say NUTTY eh Ha ha ha.

I see you have had some lovely advice and help and this is what this lovely support family is all about, helping each other get through :) :) 

Nelly, if you could be so kind as to let us know your quit date, then we can keep your Winners badge upto date and add you to the Wall of Winners too :) 

If you have a look to the right of your post, you will see Pinned Posts and Topics, have a nosey through them :) 

Take care now Nelly and hope to see ya soon :) 

Pete :) 

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Nellyquit4 Weeks Winner in reply to monky

I heard you hold all the badges monkey. Well I'm coming to get them ha ! Thanks for your support 

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hi Nelly and welcome to our quit family😊 Congratulations on your lovely new 4 weeks winners badge, terrific👍🏼

You have already learned it only takes one puff and we're back to where we started☹️ Glad you're feeling positive and it really makes a big difference having the support of the lovely peeps here. This is your time to shine, you can do it and we're all here to help. Good luck🍀 and NOPE🚭🚭😊

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Nellyquit4 Weeks Winner in reply to Briarwood

Thanks briarwood , appreciate all the help I can get and I don't mind giving it too I really feel welcome thank you 

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sandra_dee11 Month Winner

Same, same....if there were an Olympic medal for lethargy/sleeping, I'd be on the podium with Gold!!

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