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Off to poland in the early hours...

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jessrudd127 MONTH WINNER
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all paid for by not buying cigarettes anymore :) crazy! 

This will be a quick post, but im jetting off to poland for a long weekend with my fiance, and we are going to do all the touristy stuff and maybe even go to a shooting range! 

Every last bit paid for by the money i have saved fby not smoking over the past 9 weeks. Its insane :) 

Will post pics when im back, as they say in poland,

do widzenia!!! 

8 Replies
Maddyg profile image

Well Done Jess. Have Fab time in Poland , you deserve it :) xx

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Carissa2810 MONTH WINNER

I hope you have a wonderful relaxing time!!

Briarwood profile image

Well done Jess on your 9 weeks quit and saving for your hols, enjoy yourselves😊

Will be waiting to hear all about it when ya get back and hopefully pics as well, have lots of fun🚭🚭👍🏼😊

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dontdothisagain6 MONTH WINNER

Well done Jess enjoy you earned it JC

Andrew-S profile image

Well done Jess have a fab time in polo land 😀

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Well done Jess on your 9 weeks and saving your money to fund a holiday :) :) Brilliant :) :) 

jillygirl profile image

ENJOY! see you when your back. xx

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Whoohooo Jess have a fantastic time😊

If you go to the salt mines, don't be tempted to lick the walls.... If you can imagine the amount of fools that have!!! (It doesn't even tast that good....... Oops🙀🙀) 

Enjoy 😊😊

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