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Hey everybody, giving an update

hey everybody, i know it's been awhile since I've posted here, been going through a lot of stuff, where to begin, me and Kayla broke up, which was really hard, but i'm getting through it, we were only dating a couple of weeks anyway, I've been fighting the flu, I've had diarrhea and vomiting off and on and cold chills, but you guys don't need to hear about that, LOL, but mainly i feel like all my withdrawal symptoms have come back, lately aside from the flu symptoms, I've been feeling like I've felt within the first few days of me quitting, that feeling like i'm not getting enough air and i need to take a deep breath, sudden shaking, feelings of anxiety, and last week while i was driving i had an anxiety attack and had to pull over, it was really scary, is this normal? i remember reading at one point the hardest parts of quitting cold turkey are the 2 day, 2 week and 2 month marks, and it would have been around my 2 month mark when this started, anyway, i'm still standing strong, Not One Puff Ever, just wanted to check in with you guys and see what you think.

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sounds like you have been really been going through it!

well done for not turning a cigarette during it all.

Hope you feel betted soon and your confidence increases and anxiety lessens.

stay with it. have you been using vit C? 

keep us all posted :-)

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What a fantastic name!! Firecrow---Just been at a gathering were they opted for nature names, this is the best one I've heard!!! :O)

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Hey Hiro. Sounds your going through the mill there, to say the least. Good to hear from you and see you checking in. I know in my moments of, 'what's going on?', coming on here has been a constructive action & a change in itself from old outworn behaviours. And that's were my abstinence is taking me; 'Change'. From old ideas, behaviours and even beliefs. There's no bottom to how deep this Quit can go. Embracing that has altered the way I taste the air, see the world and the most significant part of it all, work from the inside out.

My smoking was a symptom for many things that were bubbling inside and the habit became an addiction; one I'm working with on a daily basis. I'm keeping a vigilant eye at present as I approach the 3 month mark, a classic place for me to fall into the smoking ditch. But I see myself acting different today, like popping NRT gum into my bag lats night in case anything went off.

Over these last months, alongside my quit I've been processing a break-up. To not smoke on these feelings has been an absolute break through. Not always easy but again with the support of the folks on here and other things the compulsion to smoke has been  lifted & I began experiencing the emotional pain with less fear as it did pass and with it the withdrawal symptoms and with that my tears, disrupted nights sleep, sweet & salted popcorn. I suppose what I'm saying is the most important shift has been the experiential realization that nothing external can fix me & that short term answer is simply not worth it. Receiving the love & encouragement on here has been a break-through, opting for strategies that support my quit; a break-through. Basically my attitude changing & with it other areas of my life. It feels like I'm chipping away & that's progress. I'm yet to meet with my ex, since the break-up(we have a lot of mutual friends) but with the right perspective, it needs not be a bad thing. This Too Shall Pass & instead of sabotage another experience of Growth. May this period nurture you into something beyond your wildest dreams. Take Care, iris   NOPE


Hi Hiro, firstly... 10 weeks quit is just fantastic😊😊 secondly... Kayla 😟😟

Thirdly...flippin nora what's your body doing to you?? It could still be withdrawal re the V&D or a bug... As to the anxiety attack that is probably the withdrawal. It didn't hit me until 5 months in. 

On the pinned posts there's breathing exercises or I put up a couple of posts last week about shortness of breath. Being caused by over breathing and hyperventilating. Can be bought on by anxiety. Must have been really scary for you especially in the car. Have a look you might find it useful😊

Just you keep plugging away hun coz your doing soooo well. As to the affairs of the heart...... There's the right girl out there for you😊 You just gotta stay sweet smelling so she can sniff ya out👍😊😊👃👃

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Hello Hiro😊

The flu can send me for a loop... I can feel almost too sick to drive !!  Maybe you are so physically weak that you're pushing yourself too hard ???

 Best wishes and healing from 🇨🇦


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Hi Hiro, great to see ya and massive congratulations on 10 weeks quit👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Being unwell has obviously worn you out and therefore your resistance is low☹️ but take the time to build yourself up and get fighting fit again. Sometimes it seems as though we're wading through treacle and getting nowhere😩 Well done for staying true to your quit👍🏼 hang in there🚭

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Hi Hiro. Well done on ten weeks that's brilliant. Hope ur luck changes soon and you feel better. Hang in there and ull be fine 😀


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