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New starter... Or quitter!

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum - Day 6 for me today. Have previously, albeit half heartedly, tried quitting before but I am determined this time. I am using a menthol e-cig in the evenings after work to help ( smoked menthol cigarettes) but not much liking the after taste in the mornings?

I had a weird 'episode' the other day. As I was leaving my work site - at which point I would have sparked up - it occurred to me I wouldn't be having a cigarette. For a moment I experienced an intense feeling of what I can only describe as sadness and I felt like I had nothing to look forward to ever again! The feeling was so unexpected and overwhelming that I burst out laughing at myself and the moment passed. I'm guessing this won't be a one off. On a positive note, outside of work I seem to have all of this time on my hands all of a sudden - where's come from?

I'm looking forward to participating in this forum!

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Hiya Marion and a big warm welcome to quit support πŸ˜ƒ

Congratulations on 6 days of your quit, well done πŸ˜ƒ

Your unexpected and overwhelming feelings are quite normal and initially it appears that we are depriving ourselves of something we enjoyed 😳 as we have spent a lot of our time smoking 😝

Enjoy the extra time on your hands as it just goes to show how much time we actually wasted while smoking. Just take one day at a time and your determination to quit will keep you focused. You have so much to look forward to and you will feel so much better. If you are using the liquid type ecig you can mix menthol with tobacco so it's not so minty and that might help the tongue 😜 Great to have you with us πŸ˜ƒ x


Aup Marion, its lovely to meet you and a big warm welcome to our lovely community :)

Rite, your 6 days in, thats just flippin ACE gal :) and I like your determination :) cos you really have to want to quit to quit and be a Winner :)

Briar has given you some great advice :) Yes, when you quit the ciggies, your not just getting rid of the nicotine :o but also the other 4.000 toxins too :o that come in a cigarette and some of these are highly addictive :o Yes, quite a few of us go ermmm, a bit zapppy :o :D :D but it will calm down in a few days :)

I see you have an e-cig, ermm, perhaps try a flavoured liquid :o I use strawberry and it suits me :) but you have to drink more, cos they tend to make you dry, but saying that, its good to drink plenty of water if you can, this will help to clean your body out of all those toxins plus it helps with the cravings too :)

As for you having allllllllllllll this spare time on your hands :D yeah, this is normal too, cos your not having to think where you can go and have a fag :o you havnt got to go outside or find a shelter to go in when its raining :o Just think, if you smoked 20 a day, then say, it took you 5 mins to smoke one, then thats over 1 hour and a half gone :o plus the time your looking around :o

Exercise or take a hobby up to keep yourself and your mind occupied :) Go and treat yourself to something nice for your accomplishments :) :)

Marion, your doing ever sooooo well :) please keep reminding yourself WHY you want to quit and hold your head up high and be proud of yourself :) :)

If you need any help what so ever, just come and shout, or if you want a chat, then come and have a chat and get to know us :)

Take care now, Pete :)

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Hi Marion and welcome to quit support.πŸ˜€

Briar and Pete have given you some good advice πŸ˜€

I never used an ecig so I can't offer any help there😯

We have a great quit community here with members at all stages of their quit journey. We are a friendly bunch, and if you take a look back on some old posts, we tend to have a bit of fun too.

Under the topic headings, you will find a wealth of information on what to expect along the way. Quitting effects us all differently, armed with the knowledge of what appears to be common, will certainly help you 😏

I love your determination, this will be your most powerful tool in staying quit. Believe that you can, and you will😊😊😊

We use a little mantra around here NOPE Not One Puff Ever. Can't go wrongπŸ˜†πŸ˜†

All the very best on your quit journey πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ xx

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Hi Marion, welcome to the site and well done on your (now 7 day) quit :)

It made me smile when you said you burst out laughing at yourself. In the early days of quitting I'd throw some right tantrums at certain points where I would normally reach for a cig then end up laughing at myself for behaving like that :) it is good to keep that sense of humour going to show Mr Nic that you're not going to take any of his nonsense!

Have a most fabulous weekend :) x


Hi Marion :)

Congratulations!!! You have been strong, strong strong!!! Brilliant work, you are a winner, a whole week done is just great :) Hope you are feeling pretty damned proud of yourself, and maybe spoil yourself a bit today?



You aren't alone and you just experienced a trigger and some of us have hundreds and some of us thousands of triggers.

Just seeing an object or finishing a task. It's crazy and you gotta laugh.

I know a guy that has not smoked in over 20 years and the other day he closed a big business deal and reached for his shirt pocket and realized that he was going to reward himself with a ghost pack of cigarettes that weren't there.

He laughed. Keep laughing as that's a great way to help you quit.

Embrace the triggers and study them well and appreciate them for what the are, just thoughts, they aren't real.

Like that ghost pack of smokes in his pocket even after 20 years!



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