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Quitting High's & Low's

Hi everyone I'm 4 weeks fagfree today & reflecting on the high's and low's...

A bit of background-I'm 47 and started smoking at 13 (seems a lot of us did from my reading of the blogs). I gave up 10 years ago-got super fit and ran the London Marathon-kept off for 6 years-then got back on them after a low point...in the last 4 years I have tried a couple of times and have found the first few weeks relatively easy-the cravings kicking in later-so this is the dangerous time for me. I'm using NRT for the first time patches and gum-the gum works well for a craving. I also have the stop smoking app which gives me motivation. This blog has been really inspirational-following everyone's journey and stories. I like the way everyone supports each other-tips and funny stories-and the way we're all in it together and rooting for each other. I read regularly and find it helps to get cravings into perspective.

So my strategy-replace the cigarettes with health-I'm working on a new me for September and my goal- a half marathon in October.

HIGH POINTS- This week a colleague commented on how well I look (he didn't know I'd quit)-skin (particularly my face) has really improved-I was worried about how smoking was ageing my skin. Also on the positive side THE SMELL I so don't miss smelling of smoke-I was always conscious of myself in a room full of non smokers-and at work tutorials with students really embarrassed me. I also love the smell of my skin after a shower-and it is worth wearing nice perfume-you must get that.

LOW POINTS- stayed in bed for the first 3 days-it worked for me and got it out of my system. Munching-trying to counteract with the exercise. Cravings-working hard to beat them.

I'll sign off by saying when I quit, I just woke up and took myself to the stop smoking service-I was fed up with waiting for the right time-after holiday (how would I cope with duty free)-well I fly next week and plan to run every day-i'm choosing  life-seems like a no brainier really or a getting the cigarettes out of the brain!

Here's to us choosing fagfree Debra

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Hi Fagfree, Well done on reaching your 4 weeks. I have just reached 3 months today.

and i am 63. smoked since I was 17. So if I can do it anyone can. I know we are all different and have our own ways on quitting, but like you I find this site really does help you stay focused. Lots of help and laughs on the way.

You seem very focused, Good luck on reaching your target for the half marathon. (better tell Pete its not the choccie bar :D ).

Have a great holiday next week. and stay with it love let us know how you get on. Any queries Emjay is brill. :)


3 months well done you-yes focussed-digging in deep to succeed!

we all know it's tough-is it getting any easier for you?



Hi Debra, Yes I think it is getting easier for me. The only time I really think It gets me is in traffic jams. For some reason I think i ought to light up when I am waiting.

But I think its more of a routine habit than a craving. Don`t get me wrong there are times it does get to me, but I think it would be a shame to give in after all this time. Plus I dont want another chest infection like the lasdt one. I really was frightened last time. I was gasping for breath. keep in touch. xx


Hi Debra, I'm glad you came back to update us and am really plased to hear that you have been following us in the shadows. I hit 2 months on the 2nd July and am now in my 10th week. I can't believe I've managed it and am sure I wouldn't without this lot and this site . :o :D :D

It looks like 13 is the optimum age to start smoking - maybe the 'powers that be' should look into this!

I see you come from a running background - I could never imagine doing a marathon - I've got to start with 5K as my goal. As you've probably read I've never done running in my life before (I'm 55) and only started exercise when I was about 44.

I'm finding that the cravings are kicking in quite a bit lately and half the time I'm confusing them with hunger so I'm not always sure where I am! :o

I went on holiday in March and April and didn't bring any fags back. I'd also been away in January and brought supplies then but it was in February when I decided that this was going to be the year to finally do it! :) :) (That's why it took a while to do it as I had to get through my supplies first. ;-) )

Hope you have a great holiday, come and let us know how you got on after.

Don't forget that you have naw got back your freedom!!!

Andi :)


Hi Debra, that's absolutely brilliant :-)

I love how you talk about being concious of the smell about you when around people and how fresh you feel now, especially using perfume :-) Perfume isn't cheap, and to ruin and mask the smell with cigarettes is such a shame.

Well done to you and I'm so happy that you find the site useful :-)

Together we can do this :-)



Andi-fab re the running-I started at 39-quit smoking in the august and signed up for the London marathon. I hadn't run 5k at that point! I worked up through the stages in 8 months! I mentioned it as it was the focus and motivation to quit then-I'm now revisiting but not the marathon-so 5k is where I'm at first-Race For Life in a couple of weeks. Good on you-once you reach the 5k it gets easier-are you planning to race-it is addictive in a good way!

EmJay-absolutely mad isn't it-having a shower, using lovely products and then layering with smoke-just doesn't make sense...good to focus on the benefits of being smoke free heh!

Treated myself to some special face cream too!

Love reading the blog and sure there are many more out there tuning in and enjoying the stories

Off to get my NRT supplies at the local stop smoking service

All the best Debra


Well Done Debra, I'm 41 and also started smoking at 13. I stopped smoking at the end of February and really feel I've cracked it. I feel better mentally and so much cleaner. I now even use fabric conditioner on my clothes as before I always thought it was a waste of money. Ironic that we made savings in other areas of the shopping bill so we can afford to smoke.

I also seem to take a little bit more time with my appearance and clean my teeth a little longer. It's a great feeling being a non smoker and your lungs must be thanking you when you run as your fitness will be improving no end.

If you are off on holiday and haven't tried reading a book to help I read Allen Carr's Easyway to stop smoking and it deffo brain washed me to becoming smoke free.

Have a lovely holiday and don't be fooled by the perfume prices in duty free, you'll pick up a better bargain in Boots, Home Bargains or Superdrug. Keep away from anything in shiny boxes from duty free especially if they come in 200's



I to am in my 3rd week, but un like you lot, i'm amisserble so and so,


Ok you are only miserable because you are craving for a fag. Has anyone congratulated you and told you what a fantastic thing you are doing stopping smoking ? 3 weeks is the hardest point and you've survived it.

Well done and now put the 3 weeks of hell behind you. From now on you can start feeling free, the nicotine addiction physically has gone, you just need to work on your mind next.

Pity the other smokers in your life and don't envy them.

Keep going with the journey you have started. Being free from being a slave to tobacco is like putting two fingers up to health problems and being skint.

The weather will soon pick up and everyone's mood will lift.

I replaced every fag with a cup of tea and at work I'm now known as the tea lady ... better than fag ash Lil :)

Good luck and keep going Regntcy


Hi again

I'll second the mood swings and recommend an extra blast of NRT for moments when the brain remembers cigarettes-that's a patch and a few bits of gum for me. I agree re the mind and think it's fine to be miserable!

I'm pleased to say that week 5 is going well and I waited until 4 weeks to tell everyone so I'm committed now!

Wonder-thanks for adding your comments and interesting to see you using the site 4 and a bit months quit (well done you) it shows how important it is to the process. Love Alan Carr-so sounds like a good holiday read.

Love the support on this site-keep tuning in to all the blogs-we're all in this together

All the best to all quitters navigating the highs and lows Debra


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