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A new day begins!!

A new day begins!!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks again for the support - it really makes a difference! I'm being positive today and pretending the last 2 days were just a test on my determination to stay stopped. I didn't think that joining this support group would be so good. It has made the difference between having a sneaky fag and not disappointing myself and you guys. Onwards and Upwards!!! You are all wonderful people and it has helped so much just to download. I have a busy day today and will be well away from the smokers as I'm not in work til next week. DAY 45 and hanging in there Wooo Hooooo!!! xxxxx

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Morning Veecatz. Love the pic. :-) I wouldn't mind working so much if I had such an adorable keyboard companion. :D :D : D

Well done you on 45 days. :-) I'm on 52 and understand all your frustrations. I too am the only non smokers where I work and I have many people who smoke outside the community centre Ugh, but there choice. ;-)

Have a great Day :-)

Sue xx


Great Picture...! I love Cats - and any other animal come to think of it.

Just remember this time next year - you can be 1 year and 45 days as non-smoker! If that sounds good to you- keep doing what you're doing... Keep that courage close by you, and just say "PAH... b----r off!" to the stinky cigs.

You'll be just fine - you'll see.


Morning Vee :)

Nice to get away from the maddening crowd :) :)

Have a great smokefree day!



Good morning vee, 45 days just think how much money you will have saved. More important 45 days of getting your body free of nasty chemicals. BIG well done, and stay positive. xxx



Hiya Veecatz ( once again!).

Just found a really good Stop Smoking Site, has some very good info' on why it takes awhile to feel better. Helped me understand a lot more re Smoking and what it does to our brains - basically it changes loads of chemical receptors and they take time to heal - much like a broken leg does.

Anyway, it's got some good short Video Clips to help us along, and pretty easy reading stuff too.


Happy days - coming up... yeah!


brilliant - just had a quick nosey and all support gratefully devoured!! the achoice looks good - thanx so much Vee xx


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