Day 11, going strong. Good news from GP

Morning all and thank you for reading. The support of this group is fantastic. You might recall I've quit CT from my secret smoking habit. 11 days in, going great. I told you all about the nagging chest pain I've been having. I was anxious and frightened but have listened to the sage advice from many of you here and had a GP appointment earlier this morning. All OK! Had a really useful discussion about quitting, withdrawal, recovery and also my health anxiety. I was surprised at how much of a release I felt from talking about it.

I had a full physical examination and the GP is happy that my chest is clear and normal. Pain likely a mixture of withdrawal, anxiety and tension.

The doctor talked to me at length about anxiety. I've walked away reassured about my chest pain but also with a prescription for a course of Escitalopram and a booking with a psychologist. My initial reaction to this was 'no' but I reflected that my previous default to fight my anxiety was to smoke some more. As I am not smoking ever again I think these medical recommendations are good way forward.

Thanks again all. Have a good day.


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  • Hi nickdanstew, so glad you went to your G.P. at least you can stop your worrying. Your doing great with your quit. I hope the medication you get helps you. I am sure it will. Stay strong and positive. :) :)

  • Hi Nick, you must be feeling so much more at ease now :) :) I am so glad that you went and seen your GP and it really does sound as if you are certainly travelling down the road to recovery. Taking medication and seeing a psychologist is only going to help you :) :)

    You are almost at 2 weeks now :) :) Keep up the great quit

  • Hi nick, I'm so pleased, I work in a gp surgery and can tell you have a good gp there so take there advise and just wanted to say say 11 is fantastic! I found the first 2 weeks the hardest so you are doing brilliantly and you are addressing your anxiety issues aswell, it's all good and you should be really proud that you have made all these positive changes, I'm proud of you and I reckon you should have a big cuddle with your little ones because I no they will be so happy their daddy is doing so well. Keep strong, Sharon xx

  • Aup Nick, its great to see you and with some fantastic news from your doc too :) :)

    Nick your doing ever so well on your quit trail :) sooooo, please take heed of what your doc says :) and I agree with everything the Girls have said :)

    Thank you soo much Nick for letting us know :) and you keep strong and focused on that great quit you got going there pal :) :)

    Please let us know how you get on, Pete :)

  • Hiya nick, I'm so happy to hear all ok from G.P. so it's good news and will really help you in your quit :)

    Nearly 2 weeks and keep reminding yourself how well you're doing and how much better you're going to feel :)

    Please come and chat whenever you feel like it coz it honestly does help :)

    Take care :) :) x

  • Onya Nick! Quitting cold turkey can elevate the anxiety levels initially, I found. Knowing that it's not a sign of an underlying health issue is half the battle. Isn't it ironic that our old solution to episodes of anxiety is now the cause of the anxiety. Hang tough, you're doing well.

  • Hi Nick,

    Your post caught my eye. Search up some of my posts from a year ago or so.

    I suffered really bad from anxiety (GAD) and develop health anxiety when I gave up smoking.

    Glad your doctor has recognise your symptoms. It can take a while to learn how to manage your anxiety without smoking but trust me when I say it's so worth it.

    Good luck on your journey and if I can help anyway please drop me a msg.


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