Good morning. How is everyone this morning? Bit cooler today and I hope everyone slept well.

Well I may not be on site for a while as I may be child minding again. Son in law rushed in to hospital again with the kidney stone saga. So don't know what is happening yet. I hope they sort something out for him, they have a holiday booked for 3 weeks time. doesn't want to cancel it if he can help.

So every one whatever you have planned enjoy your day. Right off to make a cuppa anyone wants one. :)

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  • Morning all

    Sorry about the silence, well all went a bit wrong for a few days !! Never mind, back on track again now about 4 hrs into day 2 of being a NON Smoker. At least I will know what I am up against this time and will try NOT to go so bonkers !!

    Have a great day everyone

    Best wishes


  • Hi there Jonathan, Glad your back with us. Missed you. :( We all have to fight Mr Nic in certain ways. You can do it. Have a look at Petes distractions for the weekend and see what you think. It will give you a laugh if nothing else. :D He keeps struggling but he never gets defeated. Have a good smoke-free day. :)

  • Hi

    That was quick !!

    "Yes" I will do it this time ... real shame I picked it up again only smoked 9 silk cut and this was to get me over something I found very difficult... never mind all in the past now .... I have told the whole world I have quit so does NOT look too good if I am puffing again + chest asthma went down hill fast.

    best wishes again


  • Best thing you can do to help you quit is to come on this site and look at the pics people spend hours putting on to distract you ( NOT ) Or you can do the amazing breathing exercises

    they will defo take the urge to smoke away, ( in your dreams )

    Only one way to stop Jono, and thats to stop, good luck, you can do it

  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry to hear about your son in law Jillygirl, I hope they can help him this time, it's been going on for too long, my thoughts are with him and his family :)

    It's goid to have you back Jonathan, you'll get there this time, I went through a really bad time a while ago and started smoking again, so i know how you feel, stay strong you will get there :)

    Hi peppapig, I agree with you, in that you can only stop yourself through your own willpower but i find coming on here a good distraction for me, by the time i've cjatted to peoole and had a laugh the urge to smoke has passed without me noticing it had started much, so made it slightly easier, for me anyway, but everyone must do whats best for them :)

    I hope ypu all have a great smoke free day :)

  • Hi Jonathan and Peppa pig, Yes only you yourself can stop smoking, I agree with Sue. However we are all different and whether it is physical i.e. breathing exercises or a mental thing i.e. distraction by chatting and reading other peoples comments , it really doesn`t matter as long as it helps. I feel we should help each other. I myself have been quit for approx. 15 months. I don`t need to come on to the site , but if I can help just one person to quit it is worth while.

  • Hey Jillygirl,

    Sorry to hear about your Son-in-law :( 1 of my brother in laws had kidney stones, so I know he was in pain for quite a while, but once he'd passed them, it got easier for him :) my thoughts are with him :)

    Ermmmm may I just add Jillygirl love your new pic gal, just had to put mi sunglasses on cos its a bit bright 8-) :P :D :D :D

  • Peppapig, or is it Madimad ????

    I see you have erm, vanished again :o

    Maybe this site dosnt - didnt help you, but I tell you, it flippin helps me !!!! and I know for a FACT, that its helped others to quit and stay quit :) :)

    Peppapig, please come back and tell us how YOU quit smoking :o and let us into your secret, cos I tell you, I havnt got that much willpower myself, I need help to quit, and this site is helping me :) :)

    Hoping to hear from you shortly :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Jonathan, am sorry to hear of your mishap, cos that is all it is :) and thank you for being honest with us :)

    Now then pal, you got to think, what happened to make you start smoking again, then try to think of a way to get around it next time if it happens, try to get your mind ready for it :) be preprepared for it, if that makes sense !!

    I see you have got strait back to your quit, which is a very good sign, cos that tells us that you mean to do it, and I know that you will :) :) You stick with it and you will quit, just may take a little longer than you thought, thats all :)

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • I totally agree with all the positive reasons for coming to this site. One of the things that helps me is that people who come here understand what a big thing it is to give up smoking and hopefully stay quit. When I stopped smoking it soon became yesterday's news as far as most of the people I know personally. But to me, even though it is going on for 7 months now it is still very much at the forefront of my mind and I still don't really know how long that will be the case. Most people that I know who used to smoke and have managed to stop know exactly when they stopped so I doubt that smoking ever completely goes away in the mind.

    Sometimes I like to like to post comments and thoughts, other times I just read other's posts and such. However I feel, the site is here and helps me. If someone needs more regular support there always seems to be someone who has time to respond. That is a very important thing.

    Jilly, I do hope your son in law is well again soon. Sue, I hope your husband is recovering well. Jonathan, your slip was just that, a slip. These are the things that help to define us as human. Pete, I hope your weekend hasn't been too challenging. Sin, I hope your time with your grandchild has been fun. Andi, I hope your friend recovers well from her surgery and that you have a great holiday. Vee, sending one of my special Sally hugs. Nixy, one for you too. EmJay, hope you are enjoying your weekend and my basil is blooming since I re-potted it.

    Right, back to today's de-cluttering session. I'm nearly finished. Except for my room and that could take some doing, I can tell you...lol.

    Sally... :)

  • Hi sally, lovely to hear from you. if you run out of de-cluttering jobs come and see our flat. I keep de-cluttering then hubby or workmen come in , well need I say more. :D

    take care. xxxx

  • Smiles. I know exactly what you mean Jilly. Enjoy your evening. Sally.x

  • Hi ya Sally :)

    A massive well done to you gal for getting to 7ish Months quit :) :) and I thank you for expressing your feelings about this site :)

    I also thank you Sally for helping me when I needed it, cos I tell you gal, I needed it !!

    Am so glad Basil is blooming, cos that was my dads name :) as for your de-cluttering session, forget your room this week, get yourself focused and prepared, and say, RIGHT, Saturday, that there room is going to get de-cluttered :P so there :) :)

    Ooooor you could just let your Son in your room and leave it up to him :o :D :D erm, perhaps not eh :)

    Sally, please keep popping on here now and again, cos your wisdom is much appreciated gal :) ( God, I've just spelt appreciated with out the spell checker putting a red line under it ) hmmmm they may be hope for me yet eh :o :|

    Sally, enjoy gal, cos lifes tooooooo short ! Pete :) xx

  • Ahh, thanks Pete. You are most welcome and hope you have a good week. Sally.xxx

  • Good evening everyone, I finally got rid of my visitors, thankfully, it means my hubby hasn't done as many exercises though, which is annoying.

    Hi Pete, how are you doing, i hope the blog Jillygirl put on is helping you :)

    Hi Sally, you can come de clutter my house as well, my hubby holds on to everything :D :D hope you can put your feet up now, you deserve the rest :)

    Jillygirl I'm sure you've helped more people quit than you realise :)

    Have a great evening everyone :)

  • Hi sue. My younger son is a teeshirt hoarder. Everywhere I seem to look I keep finding them. He laughs...lol. Enjoy your evening. Sally.x

  • That's not to bad Sally, my hubby holds on to every box that comes into the house "cause you never know when you might need them", I could flit 3 houses :D :D

  • Hey Sue you ok gal :o :)

  • Hiya Pete, I'm great, how you doing :)

  • Hi everyone. well its lovely to see we all appreciate this site all but one may be. Anyway son in law staying in hospital , will see what the docs say to him tomorrow. Hope he gets sorted soon so he can still have his holiday. Tomorrow if the weather is fine enough I am going with my 2 granddaughters up to Thirsk. There is a birds of prey display there. So it will be something different.

    Sally here`s something for your son. :)


    Pete this is for you when er indoors starts. just wear this. :)


    Sue relax with this. :)


  • Hi Jillygirl, I hope the docs do something for you son in law tomorrow, my spears with warriors are heading there way if they don't


    Hope you have a great time tomorrow, I love these shows, i might try hiding in your bag so i can come too

    biggestjob.com/wp-content/u... :D :D

    Thank you for the yummy drinks, just what i needed :) :)

  • Sue your welcome to come with us anytime. Hope to get photies if fine.


  • Thank you Jillygirl :) hope you get pics, that would be brill, I love birds of prey :)

  • Jilly, you mustn't encourage him...laughs.

  • Off for my shower now so I will wish you all a good night.

    Sue take it easy tomorrow and get hubby exercising.

    Sally enjoy your de=cluttering/

    Jonathan have a good day and think on nope. :)

    Pete you take it steady at work. what shift are you on this time. :)

    See you all tomorrow. :) :) :) :) :)

  • nite nite Jillygirl, hope you get a brill nights sleep, see you tomorrow. Love and hugs :) xx

  • Hello

    Great support everyone and thanks for not calling me a silly idiot (or worse!!)..... "slip" yes that's what is was and I am glad to report back that nothing in the smoke helped for more than a few seconds and then I was back in a slightly more depressed state than before the cig. I think once you have got clear, like I did for 20 days or so cigs are not the same.

    Very pleased to say that as only a slip, and only for about half a day (not incl sleep) the old power of cravings has NOT got going to anything like my first week. So I will do it this time and Pete as you say I need to avoid making the same mistake ( in my case letting myself get into the same sort of mental state again).

    Thanks everyone from NON smoker


  • Hi Jonathan, I agree with you, you will do it this time :) your stronger now so you'll be able to face anything that comes your way :)

    Have a lovely evening and a great NOPE day tomorrow :)

  • I'm off for my shower now, I'm sorry i missed you Pete, see you tomorrow :)

    nite nite all, sweet dreams :) :)

  • Nite nite Sue, Jillygirl, Jonathan and everybody, I hope, NO, wish you all, the most beautiful sleep ever, with the most loveliest dreams toooooo :) :)

    Love you all, Pete :) xxxxxx

  • Thanks Sue & everyone

    Got a new photo to go with my new image - looks better & stronger !!

    NOPE (Seriously this time).


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