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hey am new here,

so i had to make the decision 7 days ago when i had two horrible asthma attacks in 3 days and nearly died , i am very determined and i have a great well, since i have lost 30 kilos and kept them off for years , i know i can do this(cold turkey) , but i did not expect to feel like this! its like my depression is even worse! i expected to feel wonderful now that i quit , in fact i feel worst! and am so upset why! is it normal to feel severely depressed? also i really hate the smell and taste of anything ! i can't even drink coffee which is my total addiction! food no mater what it is taste really really bad!

I just wanna know ...will i one day be completely free? or i will always feel like i want one?

does it take years or months to be free?

God its so hard, been a smoker for 6 years now , my health is a priority i just wish there was an easy way to cop .

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Hiya Soso - is the first attempt to quit or have you tried before? I have to confess I have never had the guts to try going cold turkey so well done and my hat off to you on that score - but in answer to your question- yep depression is a very common side effect of stopping smoking whether you use any form of NRT/Chempix or not - throughly recommend you have a good nosey around the site as loads of info available and can answer a wide range of questions including a number of side effect of stopping smoking that you may experiance such as the depression as well as a whole host of useful tips and tons of inspiration from other members - and just finding your not alone in most of what you may experiance - Good luck and well done for doing so well so far

- and yes it really does get easier - just need to take it a day at a time - some days are better than others and hope you've already read Arizona post from earlier today - it was truely inspiration for me and a light at the end of a tunnel so to speakl :)


Welcome to our friendly community,

Congratulations on deciding to quit. All the symptoms you have mentioned are perfectly normal. Your body is now working to get rid of those nasty chemicals . We all differ in how it reacts when we quit. Taste buds change (as mine did) however in a couple of weeks things should start settling down. Feeling depressed is another common feeling, your brain is trying to convince you , that if you smoke you will be happy. Stay strong and the depression and cravings will go. Try and keep yourself busy , to take your mind off how you feel.

Believe me its the best thing you can do for yourself. Like Mazzie has said look in the topics section there is loads of information there.

When you want to have a good moan, laugh, or simply ask a question no matter how trivial just come on here. I joined nearly 4 years ago and it really does help.. Take care. xx :)


Hi Soosa and welcome to quit support😊

Well done for making the best decision you can for your health👍🏼

Yes unfortunately it's all very normal but I promise it will get easier. Have a read of the pinned posts and please remember it's early days yet. Be very proud of yourself for a great achievement and your determination is shining through. One day at a time and you'll get there. NOPE not one puff ever🚭🚭 hang in there for better days ahead💐😊


Thank you guys so much i feel with the help of this site i can do it !

mazzie14 I have quit for 6 months before also cold turkey , and i forced my self to smoke again , i know ! well i was young and stupid for doing that lol , but it was easier since i was smoking for two years back then , Its so much harder now since i used to get my emotional support from cigarettes .

hopefully it will get easier !!! and i will do it i know i will :)



Hello Soosa,Cold turkey is a rough one--and the exception to the rule--If you can do it more power to you.. Getting off these awful things is no cake walk and not for the faint of heart--You are not a freak or unusual in what you are feeling.. It has been 4 months for me and I still feel sad--like something is missing--There are a myriad of withdrawal symptoms--Im pretty sure there isn't much you will experience that many of us haven't.. The good news is--and remember this: It comes and goes--SO you will get relief off and on and you will also begin to feel better during these times and gather strength.. I wish I could tell you it is easy--but if it was we wouldn't need this site.. This is the place to come to talk about the good and bad in your quit--to ask questions and to read--Stay close to it--especially when you want to smoke.. That lack of taste thing is a common one--for me it has been just the opposite--Id eat the furniture if I could--and that is just as bad as everything tasting bad.. Ive prided myself on being weight appropriate for my height and now getting a bit chubby--that alone can depress you... but it is more like an overall sadness now--I am in the reality that it really is over--I have quit and tho I don't want one--ie the craving--I have lost my crutches and what I thought was my best friend-- wanted to kill me--and so I am sad and mad and going to battle for my life--Remember there are over 400 chemicals in cigarettes so your body chemistry has been on a weird trip for a while.. Be kind and patient with yourself.. Cry if you need to--It cleanses the soul and you can start with new resolve.. Get mad and say Im not going to succumb to this addiction--It is a powerful drug--thus your discomfort--expect it--and do your best to live with it.. It will pass.. It will get easier--Get an e-cig or gum if it gets unbearable but don't smoke....--I used e cig which I don't like but it got me by and now im off that--Something is telling you it is time--Please listen.. Asthma is nothing to mess with and neither is your precious life--Im here and many others who are on the journey too--so hang with us--Love and strength to you--MmeT YOU WILL BE FREE!!!!

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Welcome soosa💐

For months I was depressed and sick... 5 months.... I never believed that I would ever cope without smoking ... Ever..... But finally almost in my 6 months... I let my emotions run their course without the need to self destruct and I honestly do not want to smoke and I believe that it won't make me feel better.... Only worse ...and the gamble is too scarey for me ie: COPD, Stroke

Time does fly believe it or not and soon you will feel free of ol Mr Nic... He's powerful so keep your reason you need to stay off cigarettes written down and keep our quit support family real close..

Talk soon xx

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