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Another of those "why do I bother" days. Feeling low & listless. Fortunately I exercise my lax self discipline on chocolate & chips instead of scotch & cigarettes, but I had a looooong conversation with myself to get over the urge to buy a packet of cigs. I KNOW I'll get no satisfaction or relief if I succumb. I KNOW relapsing will likely cost me thousands of dollars each year. I KNOW from past experience that they will taste awful, & that taste will linger for hours & will probably make me feel ill. I KNOW a relapse will make me feel like an absolute LOSER......& despite all that, I still entertain the temptation. The worst is over now. I've overindulged on sweets& don't feel so good but I live to fight another day

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  • Hi Roneo, well done in not giving in to Mr Nic. Its amazing what power it has over you. even when you think you have beaten him he shows up like a bad penny. At least we can beat him on quit support as we are a force to contend with. We have more winners on here now.

    Stay strong, :) :)

  • Yep I'm nibbling I am crackers! I'm eating dry Jacobs crackers in the vain attempt to keep me from putting on the pounds like last time I stopped. Stupid thing is it took me close to the two years of stopping to feel good and yet I fell off the wagon. Not good.

    Keep on keeping on x

  • Hi ya Ron :) a massive great big flippin well done to you pal for not giving in to the temptation :) :) that mr flippin nic knows exactly when to strike :o

    I get these days on odd occasions and that mr nic keeps going on and on at me :o but like you, I have to keep reassuring myself that I want to LIVE :) I want to be FREE again :) to do what I want to DO and not what mr nic wants :) :)

    Like I say, I only get the odd day now and again, when I've had a bad day at work or something like that and feeling a bit down in myself :(

    Ron, you keep flippin focused pal, cos your doing a great job and I take my hat off to you for quitting the scotch as well :) and I see your very nearly 4 months quit :) soooooo, I will be out and about in them there flippin fields to catch you a new Winners badge :)

    I suspect your in the land of nodd now, so am sending you, have an easier day tomorrow vibes and ermmmm man huggs eh :o

    Take care now Ron :)

  • Don't worry Ron, I have those long conversations with Mr nic too, reach for food also as a comforter when I should be going for a walk lol, at least like everyone else has said you are arguing with Mr nic and your willpower is stronger than him so he can pee off! Same feelings u get sometimes Ron, you are not alone with this and we are winning and don't ever forget it, stay strong my friend x

  • That's what you get for pinching my shoes.... :O :D

    Sorry your going thru the wringer.... that dastardly mr nic is a real pin in the proverbial and just hits you when you least expect it.... so just stamp on his head and kick I'm in the wossnames....that should keep him at bay for a while :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Thanks for all your thoughts & well wishes guys (& the man hug). After a long nights sleep, or should I say, short night & lonnnnng morning, the new me is back. Today is our national holiday, so I've raised the flag & my spirits rose with it. I just cannot seem to afford to be alone with idle thoughts. I'm mostly alone but focused on one plan, project or another. It's during the lulls or when I've got "da blues" that I'm most vulnerable. Knowing it's not physical craving but psychological doesn't seem to make it any less gnawing.

  • happy Australia day :) :) you are doing such a awesome job on your quit especially as you quit both the drinking and ciggies. Each one takes an enormous amount of strength, and you are doing both collectively ..Power to ya buddy.

    Keep up the great work

  • Thanks for your thoughts Glolin. Today has been pleasantly miserable. By that I mean a cool drizzly day is nice relief from the steamy hot weather we've been having. I don't think the grog was so much a problem as a bad, expensive habit. Stopping wasn't an ordeal & I can have a social drink once in a while without feeling any desire for more. If only cigarettes were the same.

  • Keep fighting mr nic Roneo, we're all behind ya :) x

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