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14 weeks!

Hi everyone, Happy to report that I'm now over the 3 month threshold of non smoking, :) The other day I was in a car when the driver decided to have a smoke. I tried to keep my mouth and nose tucked into my coat to avoid as much 2nd hand smoke as possible. Well it's been 2 days and i've been coughing constantly as if I were a regular smoker, in fact I even have a bit of wheezing during the night which disturbs me. I was only in the car for 10 minutes and I now I'm dealing with this, .Anyone been in this situation, if so how long does it last.


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Arhhh penny wow you have done so well , a big congrats, what an achievement :) as for sitting in that car, I would have been horrified , but you being a passenger made it very difficult for you , some people !!! It's funny how we get use to the fresh air and not smoking. I visit an elderly person in a home and she is always smoking tell her I will wait outside the smoke room till she has finished :) she just pulls a face a me lol :) they say x smokers are the worst being anti :) I hate the smell and smoke with a vengeance now :) hope you get over it and the effects soon :) and again well done what an achievement :)


Hiya Penny, well done on being a 3 months winner, terrific achievement so well done to you👏🏼😊

Oh yes I hate the smell too and obviously worse in a confined space😩

I would have wound down the window and stuck my head out I think😂

Just goes to show how much we change coz probably not that long ago, we would have been the ones puffing away and not given it a second thought😱

Now our lungs prefer clean air, thank goodness. Hope you feel better soon💐😊


Hi Penny,

Yes I remember in the first few months of quitting, I would be run down for a few days after being at a house party where people could smoke inside... Your lungs will get stronger and you won't have that reaction.... You're still in the healing process☀️




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