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Quit smoking for 4 weeks 😊

So I've quit smoking for 4 weeks now I'm pretty healthier than i did before i was constantly tired and felt unwell tbh i just felt half dead think it was due to lack of oxygen to my body. Only thing I'm having is bad cravings for a smoke but I'm coping by just ignoring. Not sure if anyone else has had this but do you feel much warmer? i think its circulation if I'm correct in saying Im still finding it hard to breathe properly but I'm feeling good other than that 

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Hello Macman, So glad that you are feeling the good benefits from quitting smoking. You are right - your circulation has improved and your energy levels will improve. We are not clogging our system up anymore with poison and smoke so the benefits will continue. I know that I feel better, my digestive system has improved, the coating on my tongue has gone, sense of taste and smell has improved and don;t smell like an ashtray. Also I have gone a lovely pink colour - pink for me is good - I imagine I looked grey before I started quit. All these benefits in Just a few weeks.  I still have cravings but they pass more quickly and I find myself just getting busy with something - anything and move on. You are right ignore them as not wanted anymore.  I am sure the breathing will sort itself our as I started quit with a cough which is gone now. Good Luck you are doing GREAT. JC


Hi dontdothisagain, My skin has changed also how do you feel at 6 weeks? any change? I don't feel tired like i use to neither i can have a few hours asleep and wake up and do things before i was always sleeping wasn't good at all my anxiety doesn't help neither tbh. 


Hi Macman, Glad your skin is better too - as time goes on it only gets better. I still get tired but I am 59 - I know age is just a number but mine is quite a big one . I am very active but find I do have more energy now I have stopped smoking.  There is another community on Healthunlocked that may help you with anxiety - go look on it if you feel it might help. Personally I don't do anxiety, worrying about stuff never solves anything just eats up your energy, sucks the joy of life out of you and stops you enjoying the day that you are in. I have a saying Never worry worry till worry worries you.  I suffer here in winter with SAD syndrome as it gets dark at 4.00 pm and I know that I am not suffering from depression but my mood gets unbeleiveably low. This went on for years until I started taking a herbal remedy (which I start taking in September) and now all my winters are lovely.  I am glad that you now enjoy the sleep we are meant to have the brain and body resting rejuvenating sleep that allows us to wake feeling refreshed and ready to deal with the day.  You are doing fantastically well - will get better and better so all the best to you. JC


Hey Macman, Fantastic 4 weeks already. Well done  :) yeah you will notice your skin and circulation improves. Your breathing will start to improve :) Stay Strong a great quit xx


Hi, 4 weeks is wicked . Keep with it everyone is different with the symptoms they get. It took over a year for me to feel normal and have no symptoms 😀


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