Well I never thought at my age I would be trendy but after starting my new job been there for about 3 months I have managed to get 3 other people to give up smoking using the e cig we still all go outside but we are all vaping together as you go through this journey the hold fags have of you gets less and less yes my vaper is like my comfort blanket but I would much rather have that than the smelly fags never thought I would do it as I'm sure many of us on here thought but we are doing it together we will beat the enemy and win thinking of all of you keep strong its a battle but nothing worth fighting for was ever easy have a good smoke free day

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  • Good on you donesmokin

    You sure have done brilliantly :) :) :)

  • How brilliant that you have not only held your own in your quit but encouraged others to become healthier too. Well done!

  • Well done , and encouraging your work mates too. I too am using the e cig , and it's the only thing that has ever worked for me 4 weeks tomorrow :) it's better than those horrible cigs :)

    It's hard up down days , but support from my friends here has got me through some dark days :)

    Great achievement for you keep it up :)

  • That's so nice to read , your a star😀

  • Well done donesmokin, Keep it up. your doing great . :)

  • wonderful post donesmokin--and inspirational--Just reiterates the truth--It is a filthy killer of a habit--and never gain--I wish I had done it sooner but better late than never--I used E cig too--but now rarely even take apuff of it--I miss the dirty life threatening stuff--lol--and If I can have that I don't wanna play--and I cant If I want to live and breathe and I do and am getting better every day--Thank Goodness for the E cig huh?? MmeT


    Great news, well done hun💐😊

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