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Day 18 quitting smoking cold turkey

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bonnie898 MONTH WINNER
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So iv had a rollercoaster of quitting but day 18 go me only issue is aches and muscle pain how long does this go on for because this has only happens during giving up has this happened to anyone els?had a very stressful day sat sister inlaws tried incuraging me to buy fags I wasn't hesitant I replied ABSOLUTELY NOT iv came way 2 far having problems sleeping suffer anxiety but have learnt to breath and relax #willlpower#

16 Replies
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Poor you and oodles of congrats for not giving in to your sis-in-law.

Symptoms do vary from person to person and one day to the next, but yours were on the lists that I have seen, so please don't worry unless it gets worse or lasts too long.

Can you consult a nurse/ doctor/pharmacist 'Quit Smoking' service? Sometimes just knowing that it is just quitting that's causing the problem can help cope.

Take care and in 3 days time you'll have managed 3 weeks without nicotine.

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bonnie898 MONTH WINNER in reply to shenan

Thank you shenan I'm really trying here its not constant aching or pain tends to come and go going doctors tomorrow just for some reasurance as I suffer chronic pain due to low In vitamin d but taking tab for that aswell I know 3 weeks I'm super proud of myself 😊 x

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Well done for staying strong and not being encouraged by sister in law👏🏼👏🏼

That was a hard test and you passed with flying colours. Fighting the nicotine monster is a hard battle but each time you gain strength from it. Hope those side effects ease up a bit for you and you start to feel better soon💐

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Good on you for staying strong with your sister n law. None of the symptoms of your body recovering last for too long..just hang in there and try and be patient. We put our bodies through a lot as smokers, so there is a bit of repairing to be done 😀😀👍👍

It's good you are seeing your GP, this will help put your mind to rest 😀😀🌸

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bonnie898 MONTH WINNER in reply to glolin

Thank you so much for your reasurance I started smoking at 18 but I know for curtain if id had known such bad withdrawals id had turned around and turned down fags in the beginning more fool me and maybe my bodies punishing me now but one thing is for curtain I won't pick a fag up and smoke it again!iv read up the damage coursed and to be honest it scares me my children are so proud of me and my progress and seing how much moneys saved is a big achievement for me every pound spent on cigarettes now go in a tin to save I'm really trying to ride through this just very paranoid about aches pains exc will keep you updated on doctors appointment x

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monkyAdministrator in reply to bonnie89

Aup Bonnie, gosh gal, very nearly 3 WHOLE flippin WEEKS now then :) :) and I am soooooo PROUD of ya Bonnie I really am :) :) you just dont need sis-in-laws like that :P :P cos thats when that flippin mr nic gets stuck into ya and you start doubting yourself :( but ya just did flippin excellent Bonnie :) :)

Bonnie, you listen to them children of your's eh :) and I hope the doc's appointment goes well :) :)

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Well done Bonnie . You should be really proud of yourself , the aches , feeling up down and sleeplessness and lots more I am feeling too . Day 22 for me. Good days and bad. The good support from others like us on here is fabulous . I only joined last night and they have helped me through today, and knowing they are there is a life saver. Always someone to chat too. My extended family :) stay strong , here for uou . Good luck at docs

Maddy x

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bonnie898 MONTH WINNER

Hi maddy thanks so much for your lovely message and support its always good to know I'm not alone bless you I honestly feel your pain never felt so bad congratulations girl I cant wait to be were you are its amazing news well done and a very warm welcome aboard hunny xx

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Way to go 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 keep it up

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Coco79717 Month Winner

It's normal and sucks, but you are doing so good and it does get better! Hang in there!

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bonnie898 MONTH WINNER

Ok so iv been to see my doctor he's checked me over and my blood pressure and said everything is fine asked y I'm having such a hard time with my joints aches and pains he said all just withdrawal from smoking phew but outch thanks all for your ongoing support much appreciated x

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BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to bonnie89

It's great that the Doc has checked you out and put your mind at rest. At least you know for sure that it's all withdrawals. Well done Bonnie and keep going NOPE🚭🚭😊

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bonnie898 MONTH WINNER in reply to Briarwood

Thank you so much briarwood still in real discomfort but I shall fight through this can only get worse before better keeping a positive mind x

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shenan in reply to bonnie89

I wondered how you were and logged on to find that I'm a mind reader as you've just posted! Wow, that's a better side affect than the rotten ones we get, huh?

Excellent news that your doc has checked you over and reassured you. I know how scary it is to worry that you have an extra health problem and coping without nicotine is hard enough without added pressure.

Lovely and sunny where I am today, so if you have similar weather maybe you can get out for a walk? Do wrap up though, it's bitterly cold!

Take care

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bonnie898 MONTH WINNER in reply to shenan

Oh bless you thank you hun what withdrawals are your worst?yes sunnyish here been up and a wake since 7.30 been out most the morning yep id agree very bitter defo rapped up thanks alot for your kind words and support we will beat non smoking x

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I'm on Champix and suffered so badly I didn't have any proper life for about 10 days. My stomach was burning/aching and demanding food, but I felt permanently sick and would vomit if I came near food, so it was a vicious circle.

My adviser cut my dosage, but that didn't help much, so I researched, bought Ranitidin and cured myself! Asked the doctor if she had any better suggestions, she didn't so I've been prescribed it for a month and feel fine - except for wanting a cigarette :)

Off out for a walk along the beach now.

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