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Quit smoking 17 days.

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macman_9213 MONTHS WINNER
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Hi guys,

I've quit smoking I'm on day 17 cold turkey. I'm suffering with real tight chest and hard breaking I've been to the doctors and my lungs are clear and nothing wrong with my chest neither. Ever since quitting I've been having chest pains had chest pains when I was smoking but not as bad as this now. I do suffer from anixety which is also bad. But I'm wondering has anyone else had this tight chest and chest pains after quitting smoking?  


20 Replies
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Hi mac man and a warm welcome to quit support.

Chest pains are a very common symptom of recovery. I remember I had to brace myself if I was going to sneeze as it felt as if my rib cage was going to split into.😞

Do have a read under the pinned posts as there is lots of info on what to expect as your body adjusts to being smoke free.

Anxiety is another common symptom, if it's any help, I have suffered self managed anxiety all my life, this increased the early pat of my quit..but now days, I have a calmness that I never had as a smoker 😀😀😀👍👍👍

Good on you for quitting cold turkey (I did the same)..can you let us know your quit date and we will add you to our wall of winners 😀😀👍👍

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macman_9213 MONTHS WINNER in reply to glolin

Hi Glolin,

I thought it was something to do with recovery process also. From what I've been reading it's something to do with the cilla re-growing back not sure how true it is tho. And my quit date was on the 11th April I just threw everything away and haven't touched a cigerrette since its been hard but it's worth it. How long roughly did it last?

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glolinAdministrator in reply to macman_92

for it lasted about 3 to 4 weeks, (Sorry about the late response..down under in Australia here) 

From my understanding, cold turkey is harder at the start, but worth it in the long run. There is no wrong or right, it comes down to each individual.

If you get a throat that feels like it is in fire..I got this too and it lasted a two to three weeks as well.

We all quit differently and experience different things..some get a cough, i never got that, sore mouth and gums, never got that..but got acidic stomach..and some weird things that you would not associate with smoking...But all this is all part of the healing process..and for me..there was some healing to do as i had smoked 30 a day for 40 years...gosh that sounds terrible...cant turn back time..but giving my self the best chance i can for a healthier future 


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macman_9213 MONTHS WINNER in reply to glolin

cold turkey maybe hard. I tried quitting before i was on Champix but they made me ill and i ended up smoking again for couple of months. So i decided that i was going to do it cold turkey i think its better quitting smoking cold turkey than having E-Cigs or medication. My chest just feels horrible i was coughing a lot earlier also so i guess my lungs are healing 😊

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glolinAdministrator in reply to macman_92

see it all as a recovery process..your attitude and determination is what will get you there in the end.

If you only half heartedly want to quit - chances are you wont be successful..you have to really want it..and ride the roller coaster of both physical and psychological emotions that come with it..So worth it in the end..I have just clocked up 22 months smoke free

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macman_9213 MONTHS WINNER in reply to glolin

I wanted to quit i dont enjoy it like i use to and its a waste of money and its not good for you're health. My uncle was a smoker he died 2 days before christmas 2 years ago and i saw the light tbh didn't want to end the same way. I found it hard to walk far or ride my bike when i was smoking ran out of breath so quickly so i just decided to go the healthy route. my dad is a heavy smoker and have been for years dont know why he doesn't quit after it was his best mate that died from smoking but its his choice i guess. in my eyes smoking is just a mugs game just something i dont want to do no more.

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glolinAdministrator in reply to macman_92

Love how you think..down load one of the free quit smoking apps and watch your health stats improve and the money not spent on cigarettes grow.

When I quit, i redirected the money that i was spending on smoke to another account..still not spent any..just ticked over $15,000..half that is approx what it would be in pounds..that is less than 2 years.

Planning a holiday..Have 13 weeks long service leave backed up..

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macman_9213 MONTHS WINNER in reply to glolin

yeah i downloaded a app called Smoke free :) it bugs me if i ignore it haha but i use to check my health stats didn't know this HealthUnlocked has a app. Im currently on the mac but i signed up to it on the iPhone using Safari. 

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still trying to learn to breath--no pain--but some heart palps which are frightening too--and panic attacks-(gone now)-lots of anxiety for some of us--but rest assured it will pass--Just don't get frightened - know it is part of the journey--If it went on forever there wouldn't be any successful quits--so you know it wont--You just cant put all that crap in your body and walk away--Its not easy and  weirder than I thought--and the anxiety part really sucked- Its kind of a nasty surprise isn't it??but totally normal--just reassure  yourself of that ok??-Hang in there--Plenty of us--to talk to--MmeT

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I had something similar - I always had that feeling when I was getting withdrawal when I did smoke, like a physical craving. One of my "oh, it's time to smoke" signals was a weird tightness/pain in my chest.  That feeling didn't go away when I quit - it's less now, but it happened for awhile after quitting.  It may also be related to your anxiety, like a psychological "physical" craving - by that,  I mean your brain trying to make you think you are physically craving, in order to make you go have a cigarette.  My brain has done things like that. I am over 3 weeks quit and I still occasionally get cravings that will feel like a physical craving, but I just remember it's that "addiction" part of my brain.  I hope you feel better soon, you're doing great at 17 days!! :)

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macman_9213 MONTHS WINNER

Thanks guys 😊 My anixety has got worst I can't go out without having a panic attack and throwing up. It's been like this since i quit smoking. 

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droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to macman_92

Hiya macman wow 17 days quit is fantastic 😊

I'm sorry you are going through the wringer at the moment with your quit but as the others have said, it will pass 😊

Try going for a little walk.... Just to the end of your street and back. Bring a bottle of water and listen to some soothing music...😊 Small steps to begin with and just build up your walk when your ready to. 

You can do this, you were strong quitting so you can do this too 😊🚭🚭🚭🚭🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

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macman_9213 MONTHS WINNER in reply to droopyJ

Hi droopyj thanks for your reply. I guess its that my lungs are repairing themselves I've been doing some research on it and apparently its something to do with Cilla the little hairs in you're lungs which are growing back which is apparently causing chest pains and chest tightness from what I've been reading. Ive been going on walks also bike rides which seems to help my anxiety also gets me out of the house 😊 its been hard but I'm getting there guess its just away of the body repairing itself after the years of abuse. 

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Hi macman and welcome to our lovely quit family😊

17 days is a terrific achievement, so well done to you👍🏼

You've got lots of good advice already so hang in there and things will get better. Your body is doing lots of healing and adjusting to your healthier lifestyle. Takes a while but honestly will be worth it. One day at a time and you'll get there🚭🚭😊

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macman_9213 MONTHS WINNER in reply to Briarwood

Hi Briarwood thanks for your reply. Yeah I've been sleeping a lot and eating a lot but I'm just resting and getting over it tbh. I was a bit worried about my chest tightness and chest pains etc but ill get there i guess 😊

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Neicy197710 MONTH WINNER

I have

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Amarhammouche6 MONTH WINNER

Hi there yes is the same with me I stop on the 5th of Feb .it will get easier just keep going

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yes me also same condition even fast heart beat and chest pain after quiting somoking 13 years ..day 17

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I am also experiencing same symptoms well to know others gone througj same thing inspires me more to keep going with out cigarette

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to Antoniejan

Hi Antoniejan, well done for your decision to quit. Welcome to QUIT SUPPORT. Quitting is never easy but it's easier with a little support.

If you need help with your quit, may I suggest that you write a new post, as opposed to answering an old one. There is always someone here. Thanks.

Good luck with your quit.🍀🚭x9

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